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App Recommendations from Chris Gonzales


The best Reddit app for iOS


Apollo is easy to navigate, the interface makes sense in every way, and it actually feels enjoyable to use.

The best Pinboard app for iOS


Pinner is our favorite Pinboard app because of its clean layout, powerful features, and more.

The best recipe manager for iPhone, iPad, and Mac


Paprika is the best app for organizing all your favorite recipes, and it makes it easy to plan, save, shop, and cook.

Blog Posts & Articles by Chris Gonzales

Apps and services for the holidays

As is our annual tradition, we like to select a handful of apps and services to help you get through the season with your sanity intact. »

Apps and Gear for Summer (2016 Edition)

Summerโ€™s in full swing here in the US, and whether you're trying to make memories while traveling, enjoying food and drink with loved ones, or even if you just need ways to pass the time, we've got some app and gear suggestions that may help you out. »

Apps for the Holidays

The holidays are here, and we've collected some of our favorite apps to help you through this busy but special time. »

Our favorite iPad writing app

Editorial is our favorite writing app for iPad because it contains so many power-features that make us more productive and happy writers. »

Faith Korpi’s sweet Mac setup

Faith Korpi is a co-host on the IRL Talk podcast, a professional copywriter, makes films and teaches ballet on the side. »

รlvaro Serrano’s sweet setup

รlvaro Serrano is the author and publisher of Analog Senses, a website about the human side of technology featuring links and articles on design, photography, Apple, and the tech industry in general. »

Fraser Speirs’ sweet setup

Fraser Speirs is primarily a teacher of Computer Science in Greenock, Scotland, provisions all the IT at the school, writes and co-hosts Out of School with Bradley Chambers. »

Brad Dowdy’s sweet setup

Brad Dowdy is a husband and father, and a pen addict and business owner that specializes in high-quality pen cases. »

Brandon Wentland’s sweet setup

Brandon Wentland runs a 14-person digital marketing agency called Optimal, where they help brands make money online by driving lots of traffic to their sites and converting them into buyers, as well as custom website design and development. »

Nate Boateng’s sweet setup

Nate Boateng is a self-proclaimed tech junkie and also writes his own site when not spending time with his wife and sons. »

Steven Aquino’s sweet iPhone setup

Steven Aquino is a freelance tech writer who covers iOS Accessibility, publishes his personal site, Steven's Blog, and co-hosts Accessible, a weekly podcast focusing on accessibility on iOS. »

Jamelle Bouie’s sweet setup

Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer for Slate magazine, where he covers politics and policy, takes photographs, and sometimes goes on TV. »

Andrew Franciosa’s sweet Mac setup

Andrew Franciosa is a photographer living in Upstate New York where he runs his own studio that focuses on commercial and wedding photography. »

Conor McClure’s sweet Mac setup

Conor McClure is a student currently living in Western North Carolina, days away from finishing a degree in music business, and writes, where he talks about photography and technology. »

Sruli Loewy’s sweet Mac setup

Sruli Loewy is a student and runs SrulTech Solutions, a general technology support and web design company that he founded, and also designs websites and writes posts for his blog. »

Shahaf Levi’s sweet iOS setup

Shahaf Levi is a writer and developer on his site, SL Repository, where he builds apps and writes about things he discovers. »

Sven Fechner’s sweet setup

Sven Fechner is the writer, curator, and internet harlequin behind SimplicityBliss and one of three pilots on the popular German technology podcast Der รœbercast. »

Apps for summer

We made a list of some of our favorite apps to use during the summer when traveling abroad and relaxing at home. »

Pushpin 3.1 update

The newest update to Pushpin, our pick for best Pinboard client, received a slew of awesome updates, such as keyboard shortcuts and custom feeds. »