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Streaks 6.1 Introduces an Incredibly Useful Stats Widget for iOS 14

Streaks, our pick for the best habit tracking app, just received an update to version 6.1. The update adds a bunch of small health and automation features, but the thing that I’m excited about is the addition of the Stats widget. The Stats widget shows statistics about a single habit in a variety of ways. […] »

A Big Update to Our Best Habit Tracking App Article

Today we updated our best habit tracking app pick for 2021, and it’s a doozy. The updated article now has over 6,000 words in an increased effort to help you find the perfect habit tracker for you. It’s only been a year, but a lot has happened. First, we’ve gotten the addition of widgets in […] »

How to Track Your Habits Using Streaks

Whether or not you set New Years resolutions for yourself, keeping track of habits is something we could all stand to be a little bit better at. Streaks is our favourite app for this—available on all Apple platforms—so let’s take a quick look at how easy it is to get started. Creating a Basic Habit […] »

How I Use Time Blocking to Increase My Efficiency

Time blocking is something that took a while to click for me. I understand the concept of dependent tasks, and time restrictions well, and once the pieces fell into place it really became a game changer for me. »

How to Run 2 Displays From an M1 Mac Mini

I’ve always been a laptop person. I’ve had a MacBook Pro ever since my first 17” titanium model, and had been using my current generation 16” MacBook Pro and a Thunderbolt 3 dock. This allowed me to unplug my laptop and bring it with me when I wanted to work from a coffee shop or […] »

Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet

2020 was a doozy. From quarantines, to shutdowns, to virtual school/work/everything – 2020 has caused a lot of changes. Many of the goals we had at the beginning of the year never materialized. Which reminds me of this quote by boxer Mike Tyson: Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. The […] »