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[Closing Soon] Let’s remake your schedule together

Time’s almost up! We’re kicking off the Build Your Dream Week Summit tomorrow, which means today is your last chance to enroll before the first workshop. Go here to save your spot now » If your weekly schedule feels unsustainable or unsatisfying and you want to experience a BIG change in it… This is your […] »

4 Fatal Productivity Flaws

It’s the most common question I’ve heard since opening enrollment for the Build Your Dream Week Summit… “Why will this be ANY different?” You’ve tried the apps. You’ve tried time blocking. You’ve tried a dozen different routines and systems for getting your calendar under control. And yet you still struggle to dedicate time throughout the […] »

Mike’s Obsidian Task Management Dashboard Workflow

I've been obsessed with crafting my own task management workflows in Obsidian. I decided several months ago I was going to go all in with managing tasks and projects in Obsidian, and in this post I'm going to show you how I set it all up using the Tasks plugin. »

How to cut 20% off your calendar

Think about your calendar for this week right now. Do you automatically tense up a little at the mere mention of it? So many people are swimming in tasks they either… Don’t want to do Don’t need to do (AKA things that can be delegated) Only do because they’re on autopilot The bad news: there […] »

[Now Open] The 1st Ever “Build Your Dream Week” Summit

Let’s get right into it. Today, we’re officially opening enrollment for the Build Your Dream Week Summit! Click here to save your spot and get all the details now. <<< The Build Your Dream Week Summit is a live, online workshop where you will create a personalized system for spending more time in the areas […] »

Chloe’s Digital + Analog Setup

Productivity systems are, and should be, unique to each person’s preference. I am not a fan of the “just try this one thing and it will revolutionize the way you do everything” faux-ductivity Twitter advice stuff. There is no productivity silver bullet. If you want to be truly productive, you need to know yourself and […] »

How to Add Custom Icons and Cover Images to Notion

One of the main things that attracted me to Notion was that it is a visual tool. I can add beautiful and inspiring images and awesome emojis that make me want to use Notion more. Looking at a pretty picture of a European coffee shop while also staring at a task list makes it more enjoyable for me. »

The Ideal Email Folder Structure

Having a super-detailed email folder structure used to be a big thing. But over the years, it seems like it has calmed down a bit. Some of you may have been taught that you should keep all your messages in individual, organized, folders. Such as storing all correspondence from your accountant in a specific folder, […] »

How to Free Yourself from Calendar Chaos

Are you at the mercy of your calendar right now? Stuck in calendar chaos? If so, there are 3 ways to free yourself up and restore sanity to your day-to-day. Two of them get discussed often (for good reason). And one of them gets consistently underestimated (for not-so-good reasons). I’ve listed them below. See if […] »