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Last Day to Get 50% Off The Focus Accelerator

This is it! Today is the last day to get 50% off your first month of The Focus Accelerator — the most affordable way to access every resource we have for living a more focused, productive life. If you’re sweating the decision, I get it. A subscription to ALL THE THINGS can feel a little […] »

Curated Focus Pathways (Members-Only Bonus)

The new Focus Pathways are part of the Focus Accelerator membership. Each Focus Pathway brings together the curated course lessons and resources you need to tackle the specific challenge you’re facing or skill you want to master. »

Beware of these goal-setting myths

For as long as productivity nerds have roamed the earth, we’re argued about goals. What makes a good one? What makes a bad one? Are they even worth setting at all? But no time of the year sparks debate over these questions quite like the handful of weeks leading up to January. From now until […] »

How to save 75% on the Digital Planner (limited offer)

If you want to make any type of progress in 2023, you need these two things: GOALS … that match with your values and vision SYSTEMS … that keep you moving forward I designed the Focus Course Digital Planner to give you the daily, weekly, and monthly systems you need. But those systems will struggle […] »

New Drop: 2023 Digital Planner (perfect for iPad)

The new, 2023 Focus Course Digital Planner is an interactive, digital planner meant to be used on a daily basis. And it is available now! Get Your Planner » The system in the planner is based on the proven ideas for time tracking, time blocking, goal setting, and regular reviews. All you need to do […] »

Tomorrow: How to Plan Your Year Webinar

Join me tomorrow live at 2pm Eastern to show you a simple approach for planning your year — even if you hate planning or think goals are dumb. What: Live webinar, How to Plan Your Year When: Tomorrow — Thursday, Nov 17 @ 2pm Eastern Where: Online webinar broadcast (private link sent to folks who […] »

Setting Do Not Disturb With the Action Button on the Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra’s Action Button is one of the biggest departures from standard Apple Watch design in, well, ever. Ever since the introduction of the original Series 1 Apple Watch, we’ve only had access to the Digital Crown and the Watch’s side button. The Action Button increases the onboard physical buttons by a full 50%! »

Raycast for Mac. The Next-generation Alfred?

We love Alfred here at The Sweet Setup. It’s been our go-to app launcher for the Mac for years, and it’s hard to believe, but it’s been 11 full years since Alfred 1.0 hit the scene and took over as the app launcher of choice for nerds like us. »

Next Week: How to Plan Your Year (Free Webinar)

Before you tell me to calm down… Before you say it’s WAY too early to think about January… Hear me out. Because the truth, dear reader, is that there are only two ways to go about planning your upcoming year: Pick a random New Year’s resolution during that one week in December/January when there are […] »