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The Best App for Taking Handwritten Notes on an iPad

With the rise of the tablet, a special type of note-taking app has come along: those that emulate pencil and paper. When the iPad was first announced, its notebook-like shape (and name) seemed to make this type of use inevitable, but it’s only been in recent years with the release of the Apple Pencil that […] »

Rose Orchard’s Mac Setup

Rose Orchard is a programmer by day where she creates web-based applications, but she is also a writer and podcaster in her free time. »

Great Apps for New iPads

Have a new iPad? Check out our recommendations for unique and essentials apps to get you started. »

Essential Apps for New iPhones

A list of apps we consider absolutely essential for every iPhone, as well as a range of apps that are simply better than their first-party counterparts made by Apple. »