The Bellroy System Work Bag Review

The Bellroy System Work Bag is a stylish and functional messenger bag that delivers on both form and factor with the same level of quality as other Bellroy goods. »

Create Your Own Services Menu Items for Files on macOS using Automator

On your Mac, when you right-click files in the Finder you may well have seen an entry on the shortcut menu called Services, which contain some helpful actions that you can perform on the file. But, did you know you can create your own Services that can show up in this menu? Today, I'm going to show you how to create four services that will help you get the most out of your Mac. »

David Sparks Video Interview: How to Stay Focused and Productive

When it comes to juggling all the things in life, it can be a challenge. And so, who better to learn from than David Sparks? David โ€” a.k.a. โ€œMacSparkyโ€ โ€” has a lot of spinning plates. David is a solo attorney, a prolific podcaster, a blogger, an author, a screencast tutorial maker, a dad, and […] »

We Updated Our Guide to the Best Password Manager for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

It's only been a couple of years, but (thankfully) internet security has come a long way since we published our pick for the best password manager. While 1Password is still our favorite because it gives you a great design, powerful security features, and the ability to store just about anything private inside it, there are a lot of other options available for keeping your passwords safe. »

How Shahid Ahmad Stays Focused on His Phone

In this Mindfulness Monday post, we talk to video game developer and podcaster Shahid Kamal Ahmad about the steps he takes to stay out of the Infinity Pools and stay focused on what's important. »

Moving Back to Appleโ€™s Stock Apps

Iโ€™ve spent the last week or so switching things back to Appleโ€™s stock apps from the best third-party apps in the industry, and Iโ€™m going to give them a shot for as long as I can. Here are a range of initial impressions and frustrations in making the switch. »

How to Scan a QR Code on iOS

QR codes are everywhere nowadays, from rental bikes to trains, posters, and more. Once upon a time in iOS, you had to download and open an app to scan a QR code, but a few years ago Apple integrated it into the camera app to make life easier for all of us! »