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The Sweet Setup was launched on November 18, 2013 and is run by Shawn Blanc and friends.

Josh Ginter, Editor-in-Chief

Josh is a writer and photographer who lives in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada. Josh began writing for the Blanc Media team in October 2014 and has since worked as the Reviews and Deals Editor for Tools & Toys. By day, he works as a junior accountant at a local accounting firm and is working towards his CPA designation during non-tax-seasons. Josh also serves on a local hockey executive as the referee-in-chief.

Josh is married and has one child, a baby girl. During whatever time is left for downtime, he writes on The Newsprint (his own personal blog) and enjoys playing baseball, golf, and cutting his grass.

Jeffrey Abbott, Senior Editor

Jeffrey works as a project manager by day and spends his nights and weekends working on his photography and editing businesses. He made his editing services publicly available in 2012 through Draft Evolution, a service intended for individual writers who want to improve their craft. He lives in Huntsville, Alabama (don’t hold it against him) with his wife and three dogs.

Chris Gonzales, Writer and Editor

Chris is a writer and editor who hails from Oklahoma City but full-time RVs with his wife Chelsea and their son Brendon. He is mostly known for his work at The Spark Journal, a blog about creativity, writing, mindfulness, craftsmanship, and things that delight, with a splash of geekery thrown in for good measure.

In addition to his work here at The Sweet Setup, he also writes daily about cool stuff over at our sister site, Tools & Toys.

Shawn Blanc, Founder

Shawn has been writing about Apple-centric apps and gadgets since 2007. In the spring of 2011, he quit his job as the Creative and Marketing Director for a Christian non-profit to spend more time with his son and to write full-time from the comfort of his own corner in the basement.

He lives in Kansas City with his wife and their three boys. Shawn also writes full-time at his eponymous tech- and design-centric website,, and is the founder of Tools & Toys and The Focus Course.

Contributing Authors

In addition to our small team, we also work with several contributing authors.

The Site

The Sweet Setup was built by some very talented people. Erik Olsen of Ink Blot Media Group did all the front-end design. Jonathan Christopher of Iron to Iron did the WordPress implementation and all the custom CMS wizzbangery. Curtis McHale did all our WooCommerce and course membership setup.

We run on a highly-customized WordPress framework. We host with Media Temple on their (dv) servers. Webfonts are from Hoefler & Co..