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Accessories & Gadgets Archive

Our favorite iPhone 7 Plus cases

With every new iPhone comes a new wave of iPhone cases. Now, after one billion iPhones have been shipped to customers worldwide, every microscopic iPhone change causes waves in the case industry. Take the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera system this year as an example. I had an old Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 6 […] »

Our Favorite iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Dock

Unlike iPhone cases, I love iPhone docks. With the amount I use my iPhone, resting it in a proper, elegant throne at the end of the day only seems fair. It’s more than just aesthetics to me. When I turn over at 3:00AM as a half-zombie to check how much longer I can sleep, it’s […] »

Our favorite iPhone 6s case

iPhone cases: You either can’t live with them or you can’t live without them. For the longest time, I was one of those people in the first camp. I’ve always despised iPhone cases. Loathed them, even. I don’t minded wallet-equipped iPhone sleeves because I can take the phone out of them with relative ease when […] »

Our favorite external hard drive

When it comes to backups, software is only part of the equation. There are many good tools on the market, but having a dependable hard drive on the receiving end as important, too. Purchasing the “best” hard drive is all about what you need out of it. So we have two suggestions: Our favorite external […] »

These are the computer speakers I use

For the money, these Audyssey Bluetooth computer speakers are the best sounding, best looking, speakers you can buy. The little brother to this pair of white, bluetooth speakers, is the Audyssey Lower East Side Media Speaker. However, the white, bluetooth model has the same speaker components but they include (obviously) Bluetooth connectivity (in addition to […] »