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The Sweet Setup finds and recommends the best apps for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. We also teach people how to use those apps even better.

We’ve been doing this since 2013. We are trusted by hundreds of thousands of readers every month with over 13,000 paying customers of our courses.

The Complete Training Bundle — on sale when you get everything — gives you instant access to our entire library for a significant discount.

The Sweet Setup Complete Training Bundle
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Over 13,000 customers since 2017

The Complete Training Bundle Includes

The Bundle By the Numbers:

Total value: $594

Bundle Price: $295

You Save $299 (50%)

Invest a few hours of your time to learn the ins and outs of the best apps, improve your workflows, and develop smarter technology habits.

SAVE hundreds of hours down the road due to your increase in productivity, organization, and focus.

The in-depth courses that are part of this bundle have helped thousands of Apple users just like you to become experts with their devices. Even power users like Michael Hyatt and David Sparks have been through our courses.

David Sparks

Shawn gets it. And best of all ... he can help you get it, too. I found this course to be affirming and helpful.

David Sparks, Cohost of Mac Power Users podcast
All the Things Customer

Courses work on all your devices

The Complete Training Bundle includes our entire library of training products and video courses. Combined, all of these courses are $594 — but when you invest in all of them together as a bundle, you can save 50% and get them all for just just $295.

Course 1: All the Things ($57 value)

Stop being managed by your task list. In our most popular course we will show you how to reclaim time and get in control of your task list.

Course 2: Learn Ulysses ($99 value)

Capture your ideas, and organize your writing. In Learn Ulysses you will discover how to take your notes, ideas, and writing from scattered to structured. The course also includes additional training featuring advanced workflows, writing coaching videos, and example setups.

Course 3: Learn GoodNotes ($39 value)

Get our in-house library of custom productivity templates plus, well, a whole entire video training course for GoodNotes on iPad.

Course 4: Mobile Photography ($59 value)

Get in control of all those images on your iPhone. Discover how to manage your photos on iOS, how to take better photos, how to use the best editing apps out there, and more.

Course 5: Unlock 1Password ($29 value)

Discover exactly how to use 1Password like a pro. This app is for much more than just passwords, and we’ll show you how to make the most of it.

Course 6: Day One in Depth ($29 value)

The most detailed and extensive guide to Day One available today. We take you line-by-line, showing you how to make the most of this beautiful, award-winning journaling app.

Course 7: Mastering Mind Maps ($57 value)

Manage and develop your ideas with this course that will show you our tried-and-true system for making your ideas better and saving yourself a LOT of time on the creative process. You will also get a series of in-depth screencasts for how to use the best mind mapping app out there (for Mac, iPad, and iPhone): MindNode.

Course 8: Time Management, Simplified ($58 value)

Simpler time management for crazy times. We will show you how to plan your day using “time blocks” so you can be more productive and make the most of the time that you have available to you.

Course 9: Simple Habits ($39 value)

In this course we go beyond the habit-tracking apps, and get to the mechanics of how this stuff actually works. Discover how habits and routines can make your life a little bit easier every day, and a whole lot better in the long-term. Find out how to start new habits, break old ones, and keep them going.

Course 10: Calm Inbox ($99 value)

If email is so important… then why does it feel like a distraction and a chore that pulls us away from spending time on things that actually are important? Calm Inbox is your way out.

30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

Please take a month to check out the class. If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied just let us know and we’ll be glad to give you a full refund. No questions asked. It’s zero risk on your part.

Ulysses Bonus

All courses include:

Downloadable HD video files for offline viewing.

Transcripts of all video lessons.

Lifetime access.

30-day, money-back guarantee.

Using Day One on the MacBook Pro

This bundle is for you if...

Michael Hyatt

As an avid Ulysses user, I couldn't wait to take this course.

It’s clear that Shawn and his team have a solid grasp on what makes Ulysses special and how best to use it.

Michael Hyatt / New York Times Bestselling Author
Learn Ulysses Customer


The bundle includes more than 20 hours of video content. Here are a few of the more popular videos within our courses. You'll find more than 180 more videos just like this inside your course bundle.

1: Keeping Margin for Your Thoughts and Productivity

2: Shawn Blanc's Ulysses Setup

3: Notebook Management in GoodNotes

Enjoy these preview videos that are directly from some of the courses.

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Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes! You get 30 days to check out the course, which is more than enough time to go through all the material. If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied just let us know and we’ll be glad to give you a full refund right away, no questions asked.

Q: Who made these courses?

A: All of us here at The Sweet Setup. Our goal is to help you make the most of your time and attention. We do this by researching the very best apps for your Mac, iPad, and iPhone. But we also know a LOT about workflows, staying focused, and best practices. That’s why we’re visited by 500,000 readers every month.

Q: I already own one or more of these courses, is there an additional discount for me?

A: Yes! We always strive to reward loyalty. You should have received an email from Shawn Blanc with a private link to say thanks. If you didn't get that email, just contact us and we will help sort it out: desk@blancmedia.org

Q: What do I get when I buy the bundle?

A: You will get immediate access to the entire library of all 10 courses. The membership website is easy to use and navigate, and works great on desktop, iPad, and iPhone. You also will be able to download all the videos in HD format for offline viewing, and we include professionally edited, full-text transcripts of each video as well.

Debra Morlan

This course is amazing — it has completely changed my view of the iPhone camera. I watched just the first video and was astounded by the differences you can make with your iPhone photos.

Debra Morlan
Mobile Photography Customer

The Sweet Setup Featured in

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13,000 customers since 2017