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Up Ahead Lets You Track the Important Things in Life

How many days is it until your next trip? How about until your anniversary? Or maybe that movie you’ve been waiting to see comes out? You can of course put all of these events on a calendar and find them that way, but that doesn’t really make it easy to see how long it is until that thing happens. That's where Up Ahead comes in. »

The Power of Focus Themes

One of the most important concepts to learn as you figure out your 2024 plans comes from David Allen: "You can do anything you want, but you can’t do everything you want." [Free Workshop this Monday] »

The Ultimate Guide to Time Blocking

In this post, we'll show you everything you need to know to start time-blocking yourself and feel like you just got more hours in your day. »

Tomorrow is Thursday

Tomorrow, we open registration for our flagship coaching program — Focus Course Live. »

How to Use Notion as your Christmas Wishlist (Updated for 2023)

Over the years I have devised different systems for my family's Christmas. I love receiving gifts, but I also love giving gifts. It’s become a bit of a sport for me. I used to use the Notes app on my iPhone, then a spreadsheet to keep track of what I bought people. But the last few years I’ve used Notion to create a user-friendly, fun Christmas list. »

How to Do a Personal Retreat in Obsidian

In this post, I'm going to show you how I use Obsidian to facilitate a process I call a personal retreat to gain the clarity I need to take consistent action and regularly achieve my goals. »

Notion Habit Tracker: The ultimate guide and template for 2024

Before embarking on this journey of creating the Ultimate Notion Habit Tracker, I did some research. There have been some great updates to Notion semi-recently (such as repeating tasks, templates, and improved buttons), and I wanted to take full advantage of them. I also looked around the internet to see what was out there and saw lots of great templates, including Notion’s own Habit Tracking template. »

Join us Tomorrow? Last Call for Plan Your Year LIVE

This will be a live-online workshop hosted by yours truly. During the workshop, I will take you through the entirety of the Plan Your Year workbook. We’ve done this four years in a row now, and it is so much fun. (See for yourself in the P.S.) »

Comparing Apple Notes to the Latest Version of Bear Notes

It’s time we compare Apple Notes and Bear once again. Apple Notes vs. the new and improved Bear has made for some interesting experiments over the last few weeks. Perhaps our findings below will help others dial in their note-taking app choice once more. »