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A Review of the Bellroy Work Folio A4

The Bellroy Work Folio is a classy way to keep your papers, notebook, iPad, and other accessories organized as you tackle your everyday responsibilities, both at the office, at home, and everywhere in between. »

Three Apps We’re Trying This Week: January 28, 2019

There are many apps that grace the Mac and iOS App Stores that simply don’t get enough attention or admiration. Sometimes an app is so good at what it does, it becomes the default app for the task and is rarely questioned. Sometimes a new app debuts in a given category and, while it shows […] »

Jeffrey Abbott’s Mac Setup

Jeffrey Abbott is the Senior Editor at The Sweet Setup, but works as a project manager by day and contributes to The Pen Addict as well. »

The Best App for Taking Handwritten Notes on an iPad

With the rise of the tablet, a special type of note-taking app has come along: those that emulate pencil and paper. When the iPad was first announced, its notebook-like shape (and name) seemed to make this type of use inevitable, but it’s only been in recent years with the release of the Apple Pencil that […] »

Rose Orchard’s Mac Setup

Rose Orchard is a programmer by day where she creates web-based applications, but she is also a writer and podcaster in her free time. »