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iPhone 12 Pro Max, a Photographer’s Perspective

It’s that time of year again: I’ve traded in my iPhone for the newest version, played with it, and now I’m here to tell you what I think of the camera on iPhone 12 Pro Max. So, is it a much better camera than my 11 Pro? Yes, and also no. Let me explain, but first I want to address the phone in the room. »

iOS 14.3 Home Screen and Shortcuts Improvements

Since iOS 14 released we’ve seen more and more people try customizing their Home Screens. Whether they take a more widget based approach or replace individual app icons (or a combination of the two), it seems the world has gone custom Home Screen mad. With a custom Home Screen, you can change the icon for […] »

Twitter, But Without the Timeline

I've tried to "quit" Twitter a number of times over the last few years. The experiment generally lasted a week (often shorter) and resulted in my return. That return often led me to dig my heels in even deeper. A month ago, I tried again. In the month since, I haven't yet scrolled through my Twitter timeline. Something is different this time around. »

How to Free up Your Time and Attention

On Friday I shared with you my simple framework for keeping things on track. Lifestyle habits Daily Routine Process for focus Thanks to my habits, routines, and process I was able to survive an extremely difficult 8-weeks where we thought my wife might have Stage IV cancer. And, more than that, these things make up […] »

Mike’s iOS 14 Widgety Home Screen

iOS 14 introduced Widgets to the iPhone, which has allowed for some very creative home screens to be created to suit an individual’s preferences and personality. Here’s a look at my current iOS 14 Widgety Home Screen, and the thought process that went into designing it. Remember Why You Came I don’t know about you, […] »

How to Get it All Done (December’s TSS Webinar)

Find out our simple, 3-part structure for combining habits, routines, and templates to your advantage. We'll show you how the pieces fit together and how they can save you time and allow you the breathing room you need in order to give more attention to the most important areas of your life in this season. »

How Roam Research Helps Me Time Block My Day

In this post, we share how time blocking works, why you should consider using it to plan your day, and how my time blocking routine is supplemented by my use of Roam Research. »