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Chloe’s Digital + Analog Setup

Productivity systems are, and should be, unique to each person’s preference. I am not a fan of the “just try this one thing and it will revolutionize the way you do everything” faux-ductivity Twitter advice stuff. There is no productivity silver bullet. If you want to be truly productive, you need to know yourself and […] »

How to Add Custom Icons and Cover Images to Notion

One of the main things that attracted me to Notion was that it is a visual tool. I can add beautiful and inspiring images and awesome emojis that make me want to use Notion more. Looking at a pretty picture of a European coffee shop while also staring at a task list makes it more enjoyable for me. »

The Ideal Email Folder Structure

Having a super-detailed email folder structure used to be a big thing. But over the years, it seems like it has calmed down a bit. Some of you may have been taught that you should keep all your messages in individual, organized, folders. Such as storing all correspondence from your accountant in a specific folder, […] »

How to Free Yourself from Calendar Chaos

Are you at the mercy of your calendar right now? Stuck in calendar chaos? If so, there are 3 ways to free yourself up and restore sanity to your day-to-day. Two of them get discussed often (for good reason). And one of them gets consistently underestimated (for not-so-good reasons). I’ve listed them below. See if […] »

Mindfulness Monday: What Inboxes Need to be Calmed?

When I say the word “inbox,” what comes to your mind? For most people, it’s email, right? Email is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of checking our inbox. But the truth is that we all have multiple inboxes. An inbox is just anything that collects incoming bits of information that […] »

How Mike Does Multi-Scale Planning in Obsidian

I’ve been a fan of Cal Newport’s for a long time. He’s been extolling the virtues of time blocking as a method for daily planning for over 15 years, and was the primary influence for creating my own daily time-blocked plans. So when I heard him bring up the topic of Multi-Scale planning on a […] »

These are the 8 Laws of Focus (May Focus Digest)

Welcome to May! This monthly digest is for folks who want to create a more ideal schedule, get organized, and stay in control of the things that matter. If you are new to the digest… here’s what to look forward to around the beginning of every month: A short article on a single concept around […] »

Email Lessons from Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte was a famous military commander with some interesting information management habits. But he died about 200 years ago (1821), long before computers, the internet, and electronic communication. So what could we possibly hope to learn from his life about handling email in our digital age? »

Cleft Notes is the Thinking Companion I Didn’t Know I Needed

I’ve recently discovered Cleft Notes, which has proven to be quite an excellent tool in my writing workflow. Cleft is an AI-powered note-taking app that stands out for me due to its ability to transcribe voice recordings with high accuracy and then magically transform these transcriptions into well-structured, easy-to-read notes. Cleft’s ability to rephrase and […] »