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(Webinar) Write More in Less Time

In just a few hours… In today’s free workshop, you’re going to discover the key workflows for doing your best creative work — from writing, to fleshing out your ideas, and beyond. It’s called The Focused Writer: Improve Your Workflows, and it kicks off at 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific / 6pm GMT. 👉 Click […] »

We’ve Updated Our PKM Primer

The world of Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) has evolved since we first published our PKM Intro for Creatives, so we went back and made sure everything was up to date and included some of the new app updates in the PKM space. »

Inside My Writing Process (Free Webinar)

When you sit down to write (or do any other creative work), what typically happens first for you? Do you… Get going immediately, setting yourself up for a productive session? or… You procrastinate... Check your phone. Maybe dive back into research mode because you tell yourself you’re not “ready” yet. On Tuesday, I’m going to […] »

This Writing Workflow = Peak Creativity (Free Webinar)

If you want to know how much of a productivity nerd you truly are, there’s only one question you need to ask: How excited does the term workflow make you? 🤓 If you’re sitting at your desk doing this right now… …then you need to save your spot on our free workshop next week — […] »

The Ultimate Guide to Apple Notes

Let's dive into what makes Notes so good. We’ll provide a few simple quick tips of things that make any Notes experience that much better, as well as the latest features coming to Notes in iOS 17. »

What Inboxes Need to be Calmed?

When I say the word “inbox,” what comes to your mind? For most people, it’s email, right? Email is the thing we think about when we think of checking our inbox. But the truth is that we all have multiple inboxes. An inbox is just anything that collects incoming bits of information that need to […] »

How to Eliminate the Blank Page

Have you ever sat down to do some writing and you’re just staring at the blank page? You’re stuck trying to come up with the idea, or you're ready to do the work and you’re just lost. It’s the worst. »

How to Deal with Distractions and Protect Your Focus

In a world of distraction, focus is hard. But that doesn't mean we should fight to protect our attention. In this post, I want to share some tips for staying focused — and what to do when the inevitable distractions come. »

Seven Tips for Eliminating Inbox Addiction

Inbox Addiction is an urge to continuously check our news feeds, social feeds, and message inboxes despite undesirable and even negative consequences or a desire to stop. »