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The Focus Course: Now Available

In partnership with our sister site, we just opened up registration for The Focus Course, our flagship training on productivity and time management. »

Chris Gonzales’ 2017 iPad setup

Chris Gonzales is a writer and editor (Tools & Toys, The Spark Journal, and Stellar Edits) from Oklahoma City, but currently lives full-time with his wife and son in an RV. »

Tomorrow: The Focus Course

Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9:00 am EST, the Focus Course will be available. Here are all the details about the course, pricing, and more. »

What an Un-Focused Life Looks Like

When you’re over toward the left on the “un-focused” side of things, you don't feel in control — it's stressful. You don't feel like there is any breathing room. And you're so frequently responding to the urgent issues of others, that you lack any clear plan forward. »

Get Back Hours Per Week (Part 3)

Continuing in our partnership with our sister site, The Focus Course, here is the third and final video in a short series we've been doing on the topic of focus and productivity. »

How to Get Your Life in Focus (Part 2)

As we continue this 3-part series, it's in this video that I reveal the “framework”I use to stay focused, organized, and on track with all the various areas of my life. It's what I call the 5 Components of a Focused Life. »

How to find the best VPN service (Sponsor)

Nowadays, VPN services are in great demand among users that prefer to protect their privacy and hide online activities from a prying eye. VPNs are essential for securing sensitive information while unsuspicious users are connected to public Wi-Fi networks. »