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Faith Korpi’s sweet Mac setup

Every week we post a new interview with someone about what software they use on their Mac, iPhone, or iPad. We do these interviews because not only are they fun, but a glimpse into what tools someone uses and how they use those tools can spark our imagination and give us an idea or insight into how we can do things better.

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Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Faith Korpi, and I host a podcast called IRL Talk with Jason Seifer. That’s what I’m “known” for anyway. Professionally I work as a copywriter and I also make films and teach ballet on the side. Really my Twitter bio should probably read, “Enigma. Sorry. Try and keep up.”

What is your current setup?

Faith Korpi's desk

I do all of my work on my Macbook Pro. When I’m recording or doing any lengthy writing I’m usually at my desk, otherwise it’s my lap + my couch. But I tend to move around a lot, which I guess is the point of having a laptop. Whenever I feel like my creative juices are running low, I usually get up and change to a different spot in my house.

My desk is in a corner of my living room and usually looks like this: my MBP, a stack of library books, and a bunch of notepads.

I arrange all the app icons in my dock by color because that’s the only way I’ll remember where everything is. I’ve tried sorting them by type and how often I use them, but by color is the only method that doesn’t leave me scanning the whole bar for the icon I’m looking for.

Faith Korpi's desktop
Editor’s note: you can find Faith’s wallpaper here.

What software do you use and for what do you use it?

  1. When we record, I use Sound Studio. I have Adobe Audition and Logic Pro, which I use (mainly Logic) for editing, but when I’m just recording, Sound Studio is so low-maintenance it’s hard to beat.

  2. Scrivener is my writing Savior. I’ve been working on a novel this year and Scrivener helped me knock out the jumbled mess that is my first draft. I subscribe to the Anne Lamott method of writing from Bird by Bird (just get it on “paper,” polish later) and this app is great for hiding your progress, which removes the temptation to go back and edit. It’s also really easy to arrange and rearrange chapters as needed and there’s a corkboard feature for keeping track of notes that I really love.

  3. Final Cut Pro is where I do all my video editing. For my dance films, my brother Zachary does the editing because I can be quite the angsty editor, especially when it’s my own project. But when I do edit, FCP is the only tool I’ll go near.

  4. I use Spotify probably more than any other app. I listen to music constantly and make playlists while I work. I know Rdio is the more acceptable music app amongst geeks, and yes, their UI is much nicer. But Spotify has a much larger library, and for me, that is key.

  5. Productivity-wise I use the stock Calendar.app and Evernote.

  6. Twitter is another “uncool” app I use. I’ve never found myself needing anything from a Mac Twitter client that the Twitter app itself can’t do, so that’s my reasoning.

How would your ideal setup look and function?

Well, my ideal setup would be a tree house high up in a tree guarded by panda bears. There’d be a desk with an old tangerine iMac that I’d use exclusively for writing and another desk with a new iMac that I’d use for recording and video editing. It’d be the only tree house in the world with Google Fiber and my internet speed would make you weep tears of joy.

…in case that’s not what you meant, then I guess I’d settle for a Mac Pro, the largest display possible, and the clickiest keyboard Apple makes.

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