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Elago AW3 Case for Apple AirPods

Elago AW3 Case for Apple AirPods

As Mac nerds that go way back, Elago’s retro-styled W3 stand for the Apple Watch is still one of our favorite Apple gadget accessories around. Now they’ve released a complimentary product to go with your AirPods: the AW3 AirPods Case.

Elago AW3 for AirPods vs W3 for Apple Watch

Compatible with versions 1 and 2 of the AirPods, the Elago AW3 makes your AirPods case look like a vintage Apple monitor. It’s made from a flexible silicone that will protect your AirPods from drops and impacts, and since the case doesn’t have a built-in hinge of its own, Elago has added a nonslip coating inside the cap so it doesn’t just…fall off when you open it.

Elago AW3 Nonslip Cap

As you’d expect, the bottom of the case has an opening so you can still charge the AirPods โ€” and what’s more, the case supports wireless charging too! Either way, the inner case’s green front LED is visible through the AW3 while charging.

Elago AW3 Case Charging

Get your Mac nerdery on by getting this case for just $13 on Amazon.

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