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Our Favorite Books to Recommend

We are pretty avid readers over here. The books we’ve read have helped shape who we are as people and what our company values and offers to our customers. We all take time in our weekly routine to dive into some kind of book, be it a business development book or a gripping novel. We […] »

Introducing Focus Boosters (for TSS Members)

If you’ve ever tried to learn something new or up-level in an area of your life, but fizzled out… then we’ve got just the thing for you. 🚀  This week we are starting something new inside the Focus community membership: Focus Boosters Focus Boosters are community-led, themed challenges to help you up-level in a specific […] »

Four Failures of Productivity (and how to solve them)

After teaching more than 15,000 people about productivity and time management, we’ve identified four failures to productivity (and the solutions to each). These four failures are easy to avoid. And that matters a lot because, as you can see from the image below, the four failures work together in a flywheel. A failure of one […] »

Last Day to Get 50% Off The Focus Accelerator

This is it! Today is the last day to get 50% off your first month of The Focus Accelerator — the most affordable way to access every resource we have for living a more focused, productive life. If you’re sweating the decision, I get it. A subscription to ALL THE THINGS can feel a little […] »

Curated Focus Pathways (Members-Only Bonus)

The new Focus Pathways are part of the Focus Accelerator membership. Each Focus Pathway brings together the curated course lessons and resources you need to tackle the specific challenge you’re facing or skill you want to master. »

Tomorrow: How to Plan Your Year Webinar

Join me tomorrow live at 2pm Eastern to show you a simple approach for planning your year — even if you hate planning or think goals are dumb. What: Live webinar, How to Plan Your Year When: Tomorrow — Thursday, Nov 17 @ 2pm Eastern Where: Online webinar broadcast (private link sent to folks who […] »

Next Week: How to Plan Your Year (Free Webinar)

Before you tell me to calm down… Before you say it’s WAY too early to think about January… Hear me out. Because the truth, dear reader, is that there are only two ways to go about planning your upcoming year: Pick a random New Year’s resolution during that one week in December/January when there are […] »

Inside My Personal System for Focus (TSS June Webinar)

Join us for a free class where you'll get a walkthrough of our 4-Focus Method and the productivity frameworks we use every day to manage our tasks and time with a schedule that has plenty of breathing room and focus. »

The New Productivity Assessment

Our new, free productivity assessment to help you diagnose your biggest obstacle to focus right and how to solve it. »

Developing a Fitness Habit with the Peloton App

It was January 2020. I hit the New Year with ambition. I wanted to read more, write more, and most importantly, exercise more. We had a dusty old exercise bike adopted from a family member in the corner of the basement. It hadn’t been used in years. »

Last Call: Black Friday Custom Offer

Today (Monday, Nov 29) is the last chance to get access to the entire Sweet Setup course library at our Black Friday promotion. Course Library by the numbers: 9 In-Depth Courses (See full list here) 175+ Lessons (Screencast walkthroughs, workflow training, and advanced coaching) 50+ Bonus Interviews, Setup Examples, and Articles 23 PDF Templates for […] »

My Workout Videos

In 2020, when quarantine hit, I bought myself a row machine. And when I do my workouts, I like to learn new things by watching videos. »

“Next Year, I will not….?”

I love asking myself, and others, this question: As you begin looking toward the next year, have you considered what you are NOT going to do? »

Our Favorite iOS and iPadOS 15 Updates for Your New iPhone 13 and iPad mini

Autumn means new iPhones, but it also means new iOS and iPadOS drops. With a push of a button in Cupertino, your year-old iPhone and iPad can feel brand new again. And though many are touting this year’s iOS and iPadOS updates as relatively iterative, there are certain features that are sure to be daily-use features in the months to come. »

Introducing: Focus Course Academy (Fall 2021 Cohort)

Don't be like me and spend years of your life doing productivity-whack-a-mole while you try to get this stuff figured out. I have condensed and cultivated everything I know about focus, time management, productivity, and work-life balance into this new, 4-week cohort: Focus Course Academy. »

To Obsidian and Beyond (All-New TSS Course)

We don't think you should be held back from the benefits of an app like this simply because you're not sure how to set it up or use it. Here is a full list of all the modules and lessons inside the new Obsidian course. »

A Look at Big Widgets and Focused Home Screens in iPadOS 15

With big displays come big widgets in iPadOS 15. Though we had a glimpse of the “larger” widgets with iOS 14’s News widget (sort of), the larger horizontal widgets in iPadOS 15 mostly came out of left field. iPadOS 15 widgets are even larger than the vertical News widget in iOS 14, taking up three columns in the app spring board and displaying content in bold new ways. Apple touted these extra large widgets as being great for media apps like Music, TV, and Photos, where the media inside the app can shine brightly. »

Daily Writing with The Note

When I sit down at my desk in the morning, it’s time to write. I’ve had this writing habit for more than a decade. It has certainly taken various forms, locations, and devices over the years. (Last year, when quarantine life kicked in, I began a 6am iPad writing habit.) Sometimes I’m in my office, […] »

Quiz: Which Task Manager is Right for You?

Here at The Sweet Setup, we have been finding, testing, using, reviewing, and picking the best apps since 2013. And there are certain app picks that require a bit of nuance to be considered the best, such as email apps, note-taking apps, and task management apps… For these categories, there are many excellent options, and different […] »

Planning Your Day Using Time Blocking (VIDEO)

This is a video lesson from the Time Blocking module in our Simple Time Management course. Downloads:Timeblocking Cheatsheet (PDF) »Daily planner template (PDF) » In this video, we’re going to dive in and create a time blocked plan for our day. I’ll walk you through it by planning my day so you can see how […] »

Brand New Course: Simple Time Management

Remove the mess and stress from organizing your schedule, and get back hours of your life each week. In our brand new course we'll help you win the game of time management. »

Music for Deep Work

Some recommendations for working tunes to keep you focused and in the flow. »

What Apple’s M1 Chip Means for Creatives

iPads and iPhones have long had more power housed in their tiny, fanless bodies than most people have been able to truly grasp. In the last few years, Apple’s A-class chips in the iPad have even outpaced the chips found inside Apple’s Intel-based Macs, allowing for a glimpse into the future of what an Apple-chip-enabled Mac could do. »

Things 3.13: Bringing Your Field Notes To-Do List to Things

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 have debuted some handy and powerful new features, like Widgets on the iPhone and the ability to change your default email app and browser. Though Scribble may top Apple's list as one of the coolest new features for iPadOS 14, it's a particular use-case that appears to be limited in many ways. »

How to Set Up Custom Swipe Gestures in Airmail (Video)

This is a free sample video from our new course, Calm Inbox. The course will normally sell for $99, but right now you can save 20% during launch week (just $79). The full course has over 50 videos to help you get less email and more focus. It shows you how to handle any message […] »

HEY Email: Two Months With the New Email Service

After two full months with the new email service, I’ve found myself settling into new email habits I never expected to form. Some of these habits are great (like checking The Feed only once or twice a week) while others are still forming, evolving, and restarting (such as how to handle emails I want to read, don’t want to miss, yet don’t need to keep for later or reply later). HEY’s consistent updates since debut have been met with much acclaim in my book. »

Two Weeks with the iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 Public Betas

Each year, the tech experts advise all bleeding edge iPhone and iPad users to stay away from beta software. Developer betas — especially iOS 13 — were particularly buggy, and the iOS 13 public beta wasn't notably better. Of all years to put a bad beta taste in your mouth, 2019 should have done the trick. »

iPadOS 14: The Power User Update (Kinda)

The updates of iPadOS 14 feel like updates done by people who actually use their iPad, for people who use their iPad. There are a lot of thoughtful and exciting new features and refinements which not only improve the iPad experience right now, but continue to set the stage for future innovation as well. »

Replay: WWDC 2020 Keynote Reactions Event

Here is the video recording of our initial WWDC 2020 Keynote reactions. Thanks for everyone who attended live. During this webcast we discussed our overall thoughts and impressions from the Keynote. (In our opinion, one of the most enjoyable and well-presented Apple keynotes of the past decade.) In our reactions webinar, Josh, Rose, Mike, and […] »

Productivity: Back to the Basics (Webinar Video)

We recently hosted a live webinar for the TSS community. In it, we covered some productivity misconceptions as well as a handful of quick-wins and workflow ideas that you can use right now. Here is the full video replay. »

Introducing the WFH Course Bundle

Yesterday, my 3-year-old took an entire roll of blue ribbon and cut it up into about 10,000 tiny little strips and while walking all around the house. (At least it wasn’t the toilet paper.) Needless to say, for the past few weeks, I’ve been using even Day One more than I usually do. As far […] »

Using the New Maps in iOS 13 for Better Travel Planning

iOS 13 appears to have finally solved the difficulty of travel research planning. Maps has been dramatically improved in the iOS 13 and iPadOS public betas and promises next-level features when the new iOS goes live in the fall. »

Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones 700

For years now, Bose’s QuietComfort 35 IIs have been the industry standard when it comes to noise-cancelling headphones. Back in May, they surprise announced that they’d be releasing something a little different that could potentially unseat their own flagship product: the Noise-Cancelling Headphones 700. As Marques “MKBHD” Brownlee puts it in his excellent YouTube review, […] »

All the New Things in Shortcuts for iOS 13

The new version of Shortcuts in iOS 13 iPadOS will be publicly released in September, and we are incredibly excited for that milestone based on what we've seen so far! »