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Introducing Focus Boosters (for TSS Members)

Habit Booster Notebook

If you’ve ever tried to learn something new or up-level in an area of your life, but fizzled out… then we’ve got just the thing for you. 🚀 

This week we are starting something new inside the Focus community membership:

Focus Boosters

Focus Boosters are community-led, themed challenges to help you up-level in a specific area of task, time, and idea management.

Here’s a sneak peek at the 2023 Focus Booster roadmap:

  • Jan: Simple Habits (digital declutter + habit building)
  • Mar: Margin Reset (breathing room and calm)
  • May: Task & Time Management (productivity)
  • Jul: Extreme Ownership (protecting what matters)
  • Sep: Creative Ideas Systems (PKM and more)
  • Nov: Plan Your Year (goal setting)

You can get access to the Booster Archives when you join Focus Club.


January: Simple Habits Booster 🚀

January’s Focus Booster is all about simple habit building. If you join us inside the membership, then you’ll be able to join hundreds of other members who will be following our road map for dialing back on screen time and distractions while making space for one simple activity and habit that you want to do more of.

Here’s the January roadmap:

  1. Eliminate distractions and distracting apps that suck your time and attention
  2. Create a simple habit that moves you forward in an important goal
  3. Celebrate your progress and build momentum to keep things going!

How to Participate

If you want to join us, sign up for the membership so we can help you get set up before things begin.

  1. Become a Focus Club Member
  2. Catch all the call archives
  3. Share your progress, give ideas, and ask questions in the private community


What else does your membership unlock?

In addition to all the planned Boosters, your membership also gives you instant access to everything in our entire library. Both here on The Sweet Setup as well as on our sister site, The Focus Course.

And when I say “everything in our library,” I mean you’ll have access to:

  • Calm Inbox ($197)
  • Simple Habits ($79)
  • Learn Ulysses ($197)
  • All The Things ($119)
  • Learn GoodNotes ($79)
  • The Focus Course ($497)
  • The Margin Course ($397)
  • Mastering Mind Maps ($97)
  • To Obsidian and Beyond ($297)
  • The Creative Focus Summit ($197)
  • The Personal Retreat Workshop ($59)
  • Time Management Masterclass ($247)
  • The 8-Week Work Cycle (NEW workshop)
  • Plan Your Year Workbook + Workshop ($59)
  • Time-Blocking and Time Tracking Course ($119)
  • Sensemaking & PKM with Nick Milo ($79 workshop)
  • The Do Half workshop with Sarah Peck (only available inside the membership)
  • How to Say No workshop with Sarah Peck (only available inside the membership)
  • Notion for Goal Setting with Marie Poulin (only available inside the membership)
  • Startup and Shutdown Routines with David Sparks (only available inside the membership)
  • You’ll also get instant access to all the productivity templates, workbooks, and tools included inside each course!

Your membership comes with both online and in-person coaching and community. You’ll also get:

  • A free ticket to our annual, in-person conference in Kansas City (happening April 4, 2023)
  • 2x monthly Coaching Calls: You’ll have a direct line to me and my Focus Team so we can dive deep into any challenge or obstacle you’re facing.
  • Private Slack community: A place to get feedback, support, and tips from the entire community of Focus Club members to get world-class feedback and insights on task, time, and idea management.