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How to Set Up Custom Swipe Gestures in Airmail (Video)

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Enjoy this screencast video tutorial from the course by the talented Rosemary Orchard. Here you will discover how to set up custom swipe gestures to help you triage email more effectively on your iOS device as well as your Mac.

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Swipe gestures are an excellent, easy, and fast way to triage email on your mobile device, and Airmail for iOS has the best support for custom swipe gestures of any of the apps we’ve seen.

To customize swipe gestures on iOS, start by opening the Menu and then going to Settings. Scroll down to find the General section, and then tap Swipes. Here, you can control the left and right swipes, as well as bulk swipe options.

Select an option to customize the swipe gestures for it. In this example, I’m going to customize the right swipe — you can see it defaults to Archive and Snooze, but I’m going to change Snooze to Star.

Now I’ll go back and modify the left swipe, and I’m going to change my left swipe from sharing the action list as its secondary option to Unsubscribe. If I tap Edit in the top right, this allows me to rearrange the actions here, which is then reflected in the order of actions executed when I take that swipe action. You can also control Bulk Swipe actions, which gives you three options: archive, trash or mark as read. I’m going to go ahead and select Trash as my Bulk Swipe option. And now when I go back to my Inbox and I start to swipe, you can see the Unsubscribe option appear. If I keep going, it changes to Trash. And if I swipe in from the left, you can see Archive, followed by Star.

Next let’s look at the Bulk Swipe options. You can see that there is a little icon below the messages received in the last few days, and I can swipe on this to use my Bulk Swipe option.

You can also control the swipe options on the Mac. Start by going to the Airmail menu, select Preferences, and then choose Actions. The options here are not as wide-ranging as on iOS, but to make up for this, we do have keyboard shortcuts as well as a whole variety of buttons. Here, we can choose our right swipe action and our left swipe action, which defaults to Archive and Move to Trash respectively. Unlike on iOS, we can only choose one option for each swipe direction. However, you can also customize these menu buttons: menus one, two, three, and four, which inside of Airmail are shown at the top. In addition to this, you can also control your Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Delete command, Enter, and Spacebar. I personally like Spacebar to be Open Message, as this mirrors the Quick Look option built into macOS.