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Our favorite Markdown writing app for the Mac


Byword strikes the perfect balance of being simple, delightful, customizable, and powerful.
iA Writer

Our favorite Markdown writing app for iOS

iA Writer

iA Writer provides the best mix of editing tools, preview features, and exporting options in an app that's very user-friendly.
Day One

The Best Journaling App for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Day One

For a classy journaling app that works on all your devices, you can't do better than Day One.

The best text editor for macOS


Atom’s price, functionality, and approachability when it comes to package management and settings make it our choice for the best text editor for macOS for most people.

The Best Pro Writing App for Mac (and iOS)


Ulysses is the best pro writing app because it's easy to use, not distracting, and extremely powerful.

Apps we love


We love TextExpander because it works across multiple platforms (including Windows), is easy to set up and use, and has a straight-forward business model.

The best WordPress client for macOS


MarsEdit is a powerful and convenient WordPress client for macOS that is easy to use, full of features, and well-designed.
Google Docs

The best online, collaborative document editing suite

Google Docs

Google Docs is the best online, collaborative document editing suite because it's dependable, easy to use, and easy to share with others.

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Byword (Sponsor)

A simple and efficient text editing app for Mac, iPhone and iPad. Write something great today. »

David Sparks’ sweet iPad setup

David Sparks is the editor, writer, and janitor at MacSparky and also writes for Macworld and co-hosts the Mac Power Users podcast. »

Kyle Bauman’s Mac, iOS, and Watch setup

Kyle Bauman is the Associate Pastor of Discipleship & Students at Bear Valley Community Church in Colleyville, TX where his main responsibility is teaching and leading ministries for middle school, high school, and college students. »

We updated our pick for the best Markdown editor for iOS

iA Writer has an exquisite writing and editing environment, it has an extra-customizable keyboard that you can tailor to your writing and editing needs, and it has great exporting options to send your Markdown wherever you need it to go. »

What we published, and links of note

The best pomodoro app for Mac and iOS, a reader's Mac, iOS, and Watch setup, a workflow post on using Markdown and HTML with Byword and Ulysses, and more. »

V.H. Belvadi’s Mac and iOS setup

V.H. Belvadi is a postgraduate student of physics studying an extremely rare breed of variable stars, and also makes photographs and directs short films in his free time. »

Troy Patterson’s Mac and iOS setup

Troy Patterson works in translational science for an oncology drug discovery company, writes his own site, has written for ESPN and The Hardballtimes, and also covers Everton FC news for Royal Blue Mersey on the SB Nation network. »

Kramer Wetzel’s Mac and iOS setup

Kramer Wetzel is a writer and a consulting astrologer, now based in San Antonio with deep roots in the Austin area, where he's been doing readings and writing horoscopes for more than 20 years. »

Brian Hamilton’s Mac and iOS setup

Brian Hamilton is a film student living in Boston, MA, works as a videographer for a local business school, and also does freelance writing, photography, and podcasts. »

What we published this week

Our pick for the best Markdown writing app for Mac, a tip on iOS 8 battery usage, a setup, and more. »

David Chartier’s sweet setup

David is a content strategist and writer who runs the marketing and PR for AgileBits (1Password), and also runs Finer Things in Tech. »

Rachel Anderson’s iOS and Mac setup

Rachel Anderson is a Web Producer for a specialty publisher focused on medical journalism, and also writes about technology and culture at Sanspoint.com. »

Jeffrey Abbott’s Mac Setup

Jeffrey Abbott is the Senior Editor at The Sweet Setup, but works as a project manager by day and contributes to The Pen Addict as well. »

Phillip Johns’ Mac setup

Phillip Johns is an accounting manager for a non-profit, a Certified Public Accountant, and a Certified Fraud Examiner who also runs his own site that focuses on home automation. »

Koen Adam’s Mac setup

Koen Adams works and lives in Belgium as a freelance cartographer and graphic designer, and also runs One Stop Map. »

Our favorite iPad writing app

Editorial is our favorite writing app for iPad because it contains so many power-features that make us more productive and happy writers. »

Steven Wooding’s Mac and iOS setup

Steven Wooding is a senior research leader at RAND Europe (Cambridge UK) and the father of two small boys and also co-directs the Policy Research In Science and Medicine unit. »

Matt Birchler’s Mac and iPhone setup

Matt works at Target by day, but writes the tech blog BirchTree and the Highest Notes music blog by night, as well as recording the Birch Bark podcast. »

Andy Croll’s Mac and iOS setup

Andy Croll is a designer and Ruby developer based in Brighton, UK currently working remotely as a Senior Engineer at a travel company called HouseTrip. »

Shawn Blanc’s sweet Mac setup

Shawn is the editor-in-chief of The Sweet Setup and Tools & Toys. He also does a lot of writing and podcasting on his weblog, shawnblanc.net »

Shawn Blanc’s iPad Blogging Workflow

A detailed look at how Shawn Blanc captures ideas and links and what the process looks like for moving those from the starting line of an idea to the finished product of a published article. »

Marty Day’s Mac, iOS, and Watch setup

Marty Day is an Integrations Engineer for Partnerize by day, and an on-stage co-host and producer for Super Art Fight, co-host of The Rough House Podcast, and owner of blast-o-rama. »

Stephen Hackett’s Mac and iOS setup

Stephen Hackett is the co-founder of the Relay FM podcast network, writes a blog named 512 Pixels, and works as an editor here on The Sweet Setup. »

Chris Powell’s Mac and iOS setup

Chris Powell is a professional technologist and IT Manager for the College of Business and Economics at Western Washington University, and also spends his time on several freelance endeavors. »

Brian Baggett’s Mac and iOS setup

Brian Baggett is a cloud management architect for Sovereign Systems in Norcross, Georgia where he helps companies build hybrid clouds and embrace automation at the enterprise level. »

Arturo Goga’s Mac and iOS setup

Arturo Goga a technology writer for a fairly popular Spanish opinion website and YouTube Channel where he writes content every day. »

Richard Diaz’ Mac and iOS setup

Richard Diaz is a 25-year-old medicine student from the Dominican Republic studying at the Santo Domingo Independent University. »

Ryan Morton’s Mac and iPhone setup

Ryan Morton is a content writer at Amerisleep.com where he writes most everything that fills the website, and also writes the company blog and his own blog, The Nerd Scribe. »

The Staff Favorites

Here is a running list of our personal favorite apps on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The are the apps we, The Sweet Setup staff, use day in and day out for work and play. »

Brad Dowdy’s sweet setup

Brad Dowdy is a husband and father, and a pen addict and business owner that specializes in high-quality pen cases. »

Jamelle Bouie’s sweet setup

Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer for Slate magazine, where he covers politics and policy, takes photographs, and sometimes goes on TV. »

Sven Fechner’s sweet setup

Sven Fechner is the writer, curator, and internet harlequin behind SimplicityBliss and one of three pilots on the popular German technology podcast Der Übercast. »

Nik Fletcher’s sweet setup

Nik Fletcher is a part of the Realmac Software team in Brighton, England who make Clear, Ember, and more. »

Stephen Hackett’s sweet Mac setup

Stephen Hackett is the man behind 512 Pixels, a weblog about Apple, technology, journalism, and design, a co-host of The Prompt, and the managing editor of The Sweet Setup. »

The Sweet Setup of Nick Heer

Nick is a freelance designer, occasional front-end developer, student at the Alberta College of Art + Design, and writes Pixel Envy in his spare time. »