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Learn Ulysses: Here are the Details of the New Course Update

The big update to our writing course, Learn Ulysses, is now live.

Learn Ulysses is the premier video course for transforming your writing workflows with the best writing app, Ulysses.

Over 3,500 customers have signed up for Learn Ulysses since it first launched. The course has been featured on sites such as MacStories, MacSparky, and even the folks who actually make the Ulysses app itself.

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Capture your ideas and organize your writing with Learn Ulysses

A quick question for you…

When you get an idea or when you want to write something down, where does it go?

For me, ideas, notes, and writing all used to live in different apps.

  • Ideas went wherever I happened to jot them down.
  • Notes from books I read stayed in the books.
  • Articles I was writing were saved to whichever writing app I happened to be using that day (could have been iA Writer, Byword, Simplenote, Bear, or Ulysses).

In short, stuff was everywhere.

I had known about Ulysses for a while, and my impression of it used to be that it was just another minimalist writing app like all the others. Thus, it was just part of the pile of note-taking and writing apps I had at my disposal.

But one day I put everything into Ulysses because I’d seen how someone else was using the app. I discovered new things about how I could organize and structure all my notes, ideas, and writing work, and it was liberating.

Stop losing ideas and time. Ulysses is an app that can help you go from scattered to structured, and from cluttered to organized. I’d love to help you get there.

You deserve to be free to focus on your ideas, your writing, your notes, and your research β€” not fumbling around, trying to remember which app or folder or even which device has that one thing you were working on the other day.

Ulysses is one of the best writing, researching, note-taking and organizational apps on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

It offers a ton of power and flexibility while maintaining its simplicity and ease of use. Ulysses is not intimidating or difficult to use, but it does have quite a bit going on under the hood that can benefit you.

Our Learn Ulysses course is geared to help you take full advantage of this app in order to get on top of things and be more productive.

“Shawn’s obvious love and mastery of Ulysses comes across clearly, showing not just how to use it, but why you ought to. I spend hours every day writing in the app, and I learned a few things nonetheless. I particularly appreciated the high production quality, and the inclusion of full text transcripts alongside the video tutorials.”

β€” Matt Gemmell

Learn Ulysses

Course Contents

  • Save time with your new, improved workflows.

  • Enjoy the benefits of having a spot to quickly capture your ideas, and enjoy the writing process.

  • Relax as you finally build a structure for your notes and writing.

Here is an overview of the entire Learn Ulysses course:


  • Meet Ulysses: Why Ulysses is the right tool for the job.
  • Ulysses Interface Basics: Getting to know the Ulysses Mac interface.
  • The Writing Interface in Ulysses on iOS: Advantages and features in the iOS version of Ulysses.
  • Markdown 101: Everything you need to know about writing in Ulysses using Markdown.
  • Tagging 101: An introduction to the philosophy behind how Ulysses uses keywords.
  • Organizing Your Writing in Ulysses: Keeping all your writing projects neat and tidy in the Ulysses library.
  • Finding Things in Ulysses: How to find anything instantly using the power of search.
  • How Ulysses Can Help You Achieve Your Writing Goals: Using the Goals feature to track your writing progress.
  • Smart Copy & Paste: How to move text from multiple sources into and out of Ulysses with ease.
  • Customizing Ulysses: How to make the Ulysses interface your own.
  • Backup & Restore: Keep your writing safe and secure with backups and version history.
  • Exporting from Ulysses: Moving your text from Ulysses to the final destination.


  • Publishing to WordPress: How to publish straight to WordPress from within Ulysses.
  • Publishing Your e-book with Ulysses: Exporting your book project for digital distribution.
  • Managing Writing Tasks in Things: Track your tasks and link your sheets using Things.
  • Transferring Analog Notes to Ulysses using GoodNotes: How to transfer analog notes to digital text in Ulysses.
  • Turning Your Ulysses Outline into a Mindmap with MindNode: How to convert your outlines to mind maps and vice versa.
  • Quick Capture with Ulysses on iOS: Use these example Shortcuts to improve your efficiency and focus when using Ulysses on your iPhone and iPad.
  • Ulysses and Shortcuts on iOS: An overview at what all you can do with Ulysses, the Shortcuts app, and x-callback URL on iPad and iPhone.
  • Collaborative Writing in Ulysses: A comprehensive walkthrough for how to set up a collaborative writing workflow with others.
  • Ulysses vs. Other Notes Apps: A look at how Ulysses can work alongside other apps such as Drafts, Bear, Notes, and Day One.
  • Quick Start Setup in Ulysses: Here are five “must-have” features you need to know about that will get you 80% of the way to a sweet setup.


  • How to Create Margin for Your Thoughts: How boredom and media consumption are connected to your creative output.
  • How to Write with Consistency and Focus: Eliminate dual focus from your writing process at all cost.
  • How to Create a Writing Habit: Don’t leave your writing time to chance.
  • How to Take Book Notes with Ulysses: Great wisdom not applied to action and behavior is meaningless data.
  • Shawn’s 3-Part Writing Process: From Idea to Published: A good writing process is like a compass.


A whole bunch of interviews (some video, some written) with other Ulysses users to showcase how they use the app to manage their writing, notes, ideas, and more. Featuring 12 interviews, including Sean McCabe, AndrΓ© Chaperon, Veronica Domeier, Aaron Hockley, and more.


  • Full, edited transcripts of all videos.
  • Downloadable HD video files for offline viewing.
  • Lifetime access to the course.
  • 30-day, money-back promise.
  • A special bonus that will be delivered to your inbox after you sign up.

“This is so good! There is tons of useful information in bite-sized chucks, and I learned so much about how powerful Ulysses really is. After the first video I had to open Ulysses so I could pause the videos and check out what I just learned myself!”

— Veronica Domeier

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