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The Best Calendar App for Mac


Fantastical is the best calendar app for macOS because it's easy to use, powerful, and well-designed.

The Best Calendar App for Apple Watch


Fantastical for Apple Watch has a great user interface, and it leads the pack in every way that matters on watchOS.

The Best Calendar App for iPhone


A calendar app with delightful design, superior natural language text entry, and support for iCloud reminders.
Fantastical 3

The Best Calendar App for iPad

Fantastical 3

A calendar app with delightful design, superior natural language text entry, and support for iCloud reminders.

The best stand-alone fitness app for Apple Watch


Workouts++ is our favorite fitness app for Apple Watch because it displays the information we want to see during a workout, has great podcast support, and also collects and shares GPS data with the Activity app.

The Best GTD App for Apple Watch


Things is our favorite way to keep track of lists and focus on tasks when using Apple Watch.

The best time zone calculator for iPhone


Zones is our favorite time zone calculator app for iPhone because of its simple UI, limited functionality, and ability to look at specific future times in many time zones.

The Best Keyboard App Launcher for Mac


Alfred is easy to use OS X launcher that has a free entry point, custom workflows, and a great iOS companion app.

Our favorite Markdown writing app for the Mac


Byword strikes the perfect balance of being simple, delightful, customizable, and powerful.

The task manager and GTD app suite for Mac, iPhone, and iPad


Things is a well-designed task manager that is very powerful while also being delightful and easy to use.

Apps we love


We love TextExpander because it works across multiple platforms (including Windows), is easy to set up and use, and has a straight-forward business model.

The best secure messaging app for iPhone


WhatsApp is our recommended pick because of its overwhelming popularity and a feature-set that make it an ideal messaging app for most users.

The best app for reading e-books on iOS


With iBooks robust store, rich media, and interactive content, we feel that it provides the best way to read books on iOS.

The Best Habit Tracking App for iOS


Streaks gives you useful widgets, integration with Apple Health, phenomenal Shortcuts support, and everything you need to build good habits (or break bad ones).

The best photo editing app for the iPhone


We love Darkroom because of its incredible selection of filters and its powerful fine-tune image editing tools for those who want more.

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The all new Fantastical 3 offers a huge number of new features and a whole host of new actions for Shortcuts. These make doing some actions that would otherwise require you to fine tune the native calendar shortcuts much easier, and easier to integrate into your workflows. »

A Few of our Favorite New Fantastical Features

One of the things that makes the new Fantastical app so great is that you now have features like Calendar Sets available on all your devices. There's a big emphasis on parity and bringing all the formerly Mac-only features to all platforms, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing new for Mac users. »

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No matter how you use your Apple Watch, there’s always a better third-party app to complete the task at hand. These five Apple Watch apps will really help jump-start your new Apple Watch and get you hooked on the quality and utility of third-party apps. »

Josh Ginter’s macOS, iPhone, and Watch setup

Josh Ginter is a Deals Editor and Reviews Editor for Tools & Toys, freelance photographer, a podcaster and writer for his site, and is currently working toward his accounting designation. »

Chris Humphries’ sweet setup

Chris is a Digital Media Specialist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) where he works with a team to produce and deliver high-quality digital content. »

First Look: Cardhop for Mac

Flexibits, the makers of our favorite calendar app, Fantastical, launched Cardhop today, a brand new app designed to manage and interact with your contacts in a whole new way. »

What we published this week

A look at some popular apps and updates, thoughts on the best iPad keyboard setup, a quick tip, a Sweet Setup interview, and more. »

Moving Back to Apple’s Stock Apps

I’ve spent the last week or so switching things back to Apple’s stock apps from the best third-party apps in the industry, and I’m going to give them a shot for as long as I can. Here are a range of initial impressions and frustrations in making the switch. »

Gerry Hayes’ Mac and iPad Pro setup

Gerry Hayes owns Haze Guitars in Dublin, Ireland, where he builds and repairs guitars, writes books on guitar repair and maintenance, and also runs Sketchy Setups. »

Liam Byrnes’ Mac and iPhone setup

Liam Byrnes, originally from Cornwall, England, works for All Nations training leaders, writes his own blog, and stays active on Twitter and Instagram as he travels. »

The Staff Favorites

Here is a running list of our personal favorite apps on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The are the apps we, The Sweet Setup staff, use day in and day out for work and play. »

How to Use a Calendar

In this article, I’m going to share two very important things for how to use your calendar: why your task list should be on your calendar, and how to get it there by using time blocking »

Katie Floyd’s sweet iPhone setup

Katie Floyd is a litigator in Central Florida who co-hosts the Mac Power Users podcast on 5by5, writes her personal site, and also writes for ScreenCastsMonthly and Macworld. »

Myke Hurley’s sweet iPhone setup

Myke is a podcaster and British gentleman who produces and hosts a selection of shows on 5by5, including The Prompt, CMD+Space, and many more. »

Nate Dunn’s Mac and iOS Setup

Nate Dunn runs a cycling coaching company from Sacramento, CA where he works with cyclists to analyze and improve their training to reach their goals. »

15 One-Action Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier

Shortcuts is a wonderful app, but it can also be overwhelming. Today, I'm going to show you 15 one-action Shortcuts you can create, and let's be honest — with one action, there's not a lot of work for you to do! »

Moment Camera Lenses for iPhone: A Review

If you’re willing to make some adjustments to your method of carry, the Moment lenses are a fantastic ecosystem, built around the photographic intelligence of the smartphone you already have with you. »

1Password on Your Wrist

1Password on the Apple Watch is a fantastic tool for your security toolbox – it helps ease the friction of 2-factor authentication, can be opened and updated quickly, and sometimes it’s just nice to put some text on your wrist to reference in the moment. »

Paul Morris’ iPhone setup

Paul Morris is the Director of Development for Elevate Oregon, and has worked in nonprofit fundraising for almost 25 years. »

Get More From Your Calendar

I find when I use my calendar to plan my weeks, I’m improving in two areas. One, I’m more honest with myself. Second, I’m better at recognizing the importance of rest and play. »

Apps for new iOS devices

The Christmas season is a time that many of us unwrap new iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Anytime I get a new device, I always take a look around to see if there are any new apps that can help make my mobile computing life better. »

Stefan Elf’s Mac and iOS setup

Stefan Elf is a passionate media and UI designer, programmer, lecturer, and photographer who runs his own web design agency. »

Chad Landman’s Mac and iOS setup

Chad Landman is a youth minister (pastor), independent designer, and podcaster living in the middle Tennessee area with his wife and two sons. »

Dr. Drang’s sweet Mac setup

Dr. Drang is a consulting engineer by day, a scripter/blogger by night, and a benevolent snowman on Twitter. »

Rene Ritchie’s sweet iPhone setup

Rene Ritchie runs iMore, a website dedicated to all things Apple, and co-hosts a bunch of podcasts for Mobile Nations. In his spare time he practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. »

Casey Liss: Sweet iPhone Setup

Casey Liss is one-third of the Accidental Tech Podcast, with his friends Marco Arment and John Siracusa. During the day, he's a developer and corporate stooge, working at a small consultancy in Richmond, Virginia. Here's a look at his iPhone Home screen and his essential apps. »

Using Natural Language with Todoist

We're big fans of Things, OmniFocus, and all sorts of task managers here at The Sweet Setup. While the task manager app is certainly an important choice and cornerstone of any healthy GTD practice, it's also less important when compared to the practice itself. While we've already written the proverbial book on using Things for managing your tasks, we're also keenly interested in how other task managers accomplish similar goals and meet the needs of millions of people across the globe. »

Cardhop 2.0: Relate to your Contacts

Cardhop has been my preferred contacts app since it came out. There’s nothing wrong with the native contacts app on iOS or macOS per se, it’s just not that great. Adding and updating contacts requires lots of clicks or taps, and it never felt like a good place to start trying to contact someone. This […] »

Our Favorite iOS Games (2019 Edition)

2019 was an incredible year for gaming on the iPhone and iPad. Many of us who pay attention to this market had sadly begun writing off the App Store's gaming section as fading into obsolescence, thanks to the glut of “freemium” titles that lure you in with flashy visuals and addictive gameplay before using every trick in the book to nickel-and-dime you into the ground. »

How to use 1Password as a digital will

1Password is fantastic for storing login credentials and secure notes, but it's also well-suited for providing a digital will for you family and loved ones. »

Justin Hamilton’s Mac and iPhone setup

Justin Hamilton is a first-year student at the University of Delaware where he studies computer engineering, writes music, and also takes pictures. »

Kris Rojas’ Mac, iOS, and Watch setup

Kris Rojas is a Media Producer for a company headquartered in Virginia, and is also a Star Wars enthusiast, horror film aficionado, freelance cinematographer, and an online student enrolled in the Digital Cinematography program at Full Sail University. »

Jowanza Joseph’s Mac and iOS setup

Jowanza Joseph is a software engineer at OneClickRetail in Salt Lake City, and also writes his own site about technology, photography, and other cool internet content. »

Bodo Tasche’s Mac and iPhone setup

Bodo Tasche is a former CTO from Berlin who is currently working on a project to create a crowd-sourced sign language dictionary, and also hosts a podcast called Bits of Berlin. »

Ludovic Bubner’s Mac and iOS setup

Ludovic Bubner is a native French speaker who has been living in Taiwan for 13 years as a French teach, and also writes and translates during his free time. »

Denny Henke’s Mac and iOS setup

Danny Henke is a freelance web and graphic designer at Beardy Guy Creative, an avid science fan and amateur astronomer, and writes at Beardy Star Stuff. »

Sam Schmitt’s Mac and iOS setup

Sam Schmitt is a current sophomore at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he studies Civil and Environmental Engineering, learns iOS and web development, and writes on his blog. »

Zach Dyson’s Mac and iPhone setup

Zach Dyson is a freelance graphic designer from Melbourne, Australia, and is also an avid photographer and soon-to-be podcaster. »

Nik Fletcher’s sweet setup

Nik Fletcher is a part of the Realmac Software team in Brighton, England who make Clear, Ember, and more. »

David Chartier’s sweet setup

David is a content strategist and writer who runs the marketing and PR for AgileBits (1Password), and also runs Finer Things in Tech. »

What we published this week

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Mike’s iOS 14 Widgety Home Screen

iOS 14 introduced Widgets to the iPhone, which has allowed for some very creative home screens to be created to suit an individual’s preferences and personality. Here’s a look at my current iOS 14 Widgety Home Screen, and the thought process that went into designing it. Remember Why You Came I don’t know about you, […] »

A Close Look at TickTick

Like many of you, I’ve been in and out of many task management systems over the years. I’ve used and loved all of the major players for macOS and iOS at different times as my needs have changed. But no task management system is ever perfect, which leads me to regularly try new things. »

Apps We’re Trying: Meeter Pro

Built by a team that's spread across London, Berlin, and Zurich, Meeter was created as a direct response to the mass shift of workers to online conferencing tools. They saw a pain-point, and built an awesome tool to make the problem easier to manage. »

Kyle Bauman’s Mac, iOS, and Watch setup

Kyle Bauman is the Associate Pastor of Discipleship & Students at Bear Valley Community Church in Colleyville, TX where his main responsibility is teaching and leading ministries for middle school, high school, and college students. »

Alex Tai’s Mac and iPhone setup

Alex Tai is a student at Santa Clara University where he studies Computer Engineering and collaborates with others on ideas and new technologies. »

My iPad Writing Setup

These days I do just about everything from the iPad. iOS and the iPad have helped me to slow down, simplify, and focus more on the task at hand — especially when that task is writing. »

Kurt Van de Poel’s Mac and iPhone setup

Kurt Van de Poel is an electromechanical engineering teacher in Amsterdam, where he teaches pupils how to build safe machines, draw electrical schematics, and program PLCs to control machines. »

Jackson Hayes’ Mac and iPhone Setup

Jackson Hayes is a 17-year-old cinematographer, photographer, and sometimes front-end web developer who makes videos about technology on his YouTube channel. »

On the Apple Watch Series 4

After 3.5 years of using an Apple Watch every day, the new Apple Watch Series 4 is, without a doubt, the best Apple Watch yet. »

Toomas Särev’s Mac and iOS setup

Toomas Särev is a cardiologist, leader, husband, dad of 5, granddad of 2, first-degree black belt in Traditional Korean Martial Arts (Kuk Sool Won), Harley Davidson motorbike enthusiast, Apple Gadgets lover, and productivity geek. »

Jonathan Buys’ Mac and iPhone setup

Jonathan Buys is a Christian, husband, father, verteran, writer, and developer working as a DevOps engineer with a small company that works with Amazon Web Services. »

Wayne Chan’s Mac and iPhone setup

Wayne Chan is a student at Hangzhou Dianzi University in China, and he also does freelance and records a podcast with his friend occasionally. »

Jeffrey Shih’s Mac and iPhone setup

Jeffrey Shih is an Emergency Room Physician and lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto with a specialized interest in Emergency Ultrasound. »

V.H. Belvadi’s Mac and iOS setup

V.H. Belvadi is a postgraduate student of physics studying an extremely rare breed of variable stars, and also makes photographs and directs short films in his free time. »

Alok Singh’s Mac and iOS setup

Alok Singh is a senior at UC Berkeley where he studies Mathematics and is also interested in Computer Science, reading, and research. »

Kevin Taylor’s Mac and iOS setup

Kevin Taylor is an assistant professor in the Religion & Practical Theology Department of Pfeiffer University where he teaches undergraduate and graduate classes, co-hosts the Theology Cast podcast, and writes his own blog. »

Andrew Meyers’ Mac and iPhone setup

Andrew Meyers is an Assistant Director of Admissions at Hope College, where he recruits students and also works on the office email and social marketing efforts, as well as the Admissions section of Hope’s website. »

Bret Foster’s Mac and iOS setup

Bret Foster is a Chief Information Officer for a school district in Kentucky where he oversees all technology and communications for the district, and evaluates the physical space in the schools to facilitate collaborative learning opportunities. »

Jeff Sheldon’s Mac and iPhone setup

Jeff Sheldon is the founder and designer of Ugmonk, a design brand that sells products like leather goods, prints, hoodies, and other sweet accessories. »

Steven Wooding’s Mac and iOS setup

Steven Wooding is a senior research leader at RAND Europe (Cambridge UK) and the father of two small boys and also co-directs the Policy Research In Science and Medicine unit. »

Blake Cloutier’s Mac and iOS setup

Blake Cloutier is a fourth year Civil Engineering student, a Player Support Representative with Disney Interactive, and also works remotely for an animal supply company. »

Shifts: An iPhone Work Calendar

Shifts makes managing an irregular work schedule easy by creating shift types that you can easily apply to your calendar. Once you create the shift types, inputing your schedule is quick and simple. »

Jonathan Jensen’s sweet iOS setup

Jonathan runs the products team at a payments company in London, is interested in everything tech, especially in the mobile space, fascinated by the convergence of payments and mobile technology, and also an Apple addict. »

Brad Dowdy’s sweet setup

Brad Dowdy is a husband and father, and a pen addict and business owner that specializes in high-quality pen cases. »

Nate Boateng’s sweet setup

Nate Boateng is a self-proclaimed tech junkie and also writes his own site when not spending time with his wife and sons. »

Jamelle Bouie’s sweet setup

Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer for Slate magazine, where he covers politics and policy, takes photographs, and sometimes goes on TV. »

Andrew Franciosa’s sweet Mac setup

Andrew Franciosa is a photographer living in Upstate New York where he runs his own studio that focuses on commercial and wedding photography. »

Conor McClure’s sweet Mac setup

Conor McClure is a student currently living in Western North Carolina, days away from finishing a degree in music business, and writes conormcclure.net, where he talks about photography and technology. »

The Sweet Setup of Nick Heer

Nick is a freelance designer, occasional front-end developer, student at the Alberta College of Art + Design, and writes Pixel Envy in his spare time. »

Get Up and Running With Obsidian in Just 2 Hours (TSS Workshop Encore)

Ever feel like the notes and ideas you capture are going in one ear and out the other? If so, you’re not alone. We have been getting a slew of emails from readers recently regarding better note taking, writing, and idea management (and the apps that put idea management on steroids). One person shared with […] »

Comparing Craft’s New Daily Note Features to NotePlan 3

I’ve bounced around daily note-taking apps for the last 18 months or so. The search started with Roam Research, then moved over to NotePlan 3, and now rests in Craft. Each has its own intricate set of features and shortcomings, and I’m still not perfectly jumping for joy with any option. »

Asier G. Morato’s Mac and iOS Setup

Asier G. Morato is the co-founder of Chubby Apps — an indie app studio from the north of Spain (Europe) who believes that technology should be easy to use. We make apps with a cute design that don’t need a user manual, are fully accessible, improve people’s lives, and also respect your privacy. »

A Roundup of Apple’s 2021 WWDC Keynote Announcements

If you had any inclination to think Apple’s pace of product development was slowing down during the global pandemic, today’s 2021 WWDC keynote event should knock you back into reality. At 1.75 hours, this was one of Apple’s longer pandemic-keynotes, but in the end we were left with a dizzying array of features destined for […] »

Voice Memo Apps: A Roundup and Overview of the Best

Capturing notes and ideas when you have them is important so that they don't fall through the cracks, but sometimes having to type out your note takes too long. You need something quick — a way to just offload what is currently on your mind so you can focus on what's in front of you. Voice memos are great for this, allowing you to speak your thoughts faster than you could ever type them. »

Combat Burnout with a Productivity Journal

In our productivity flywheel, the fourth stage is to celebrate your progress. But sometimes this feels counterintuitive or inconvenient. Because when we want to be super duper productive, we often think that speed and efficiency are what matter most. Thus we get stuck in a loop of doing, doing, doing... without ever pausing to celebrate. »

Planning Your Day Using Time Blocking (VIDEO)

This is a video lesson from the Time Blocking module in our Simple Time Management course. Downloads:Timeblocking Cheatsheet (PDF) »Daily planner template (PDF) » In this video, we’re going to dive in and create a time blocked plan for our day. I’ll walk you through it by planning my day so you can see how […] »

Bart Kesner’s Mac and iOS Setup

My name is Bart Kesner and I'm currently responsible for IT transformation efforts for a global engineering/consulting firm in the Kansas City area. This entails partnering with internal and external resources to analyze the delivery and use of products and services to enhance overall effectiveness, and lead teams to resolve any identified issues. Prior to that, I ran the Customer Experience program for a global manufacturing firm. »

Mike’s Idea System 2.0

How to use an idea development system to prime the creative pump and set yourself up for success when it's time to create. »

How to Use the iPad for Study and Deep Learning

It’s my education experience that has led me to believe the iPad is the world’s greatest learning tool. Ever. In the history of humanity. The iPad is humankind’s greatest educational achievement. »

How I Use Time Blocking to Increase My Efficiency

Time blocking is something that took a while to click for me. I understand the concept of dependent tasks, and time restrictions well, and once the pieces fell into place it really became a game changer for me. »

Twitter, But Without the Timeline

I've tried to "quit" Twitter a number of times over the last few years. The experiment generally lasted a week (often shorter) and resulted in my return. That return often led me to dig my heels in even deeper. A month ago, I tried again. In the month since, I haven't yet scrolled through my Twitter timeline. Something is different this time around. »

How to Get it All Done (December’s TSS Webinar)

Find out our simple, 3-part structure for combining habits, routines, and templates to your advantage. We'll show you how the pieces fit together and how they can save you time and allow you the breathing room you need in order to give more attention to the most important areas of your life in this season. »

How Roam Research Helps Me Time Block My Day

In this post, we share how time blocking works, why you should consider using it to plan your day, and how my time blocking routine is supplemented by my use of Roam Research. »

Things 3.13: Bringing Your Field Notes To-Do List to Things

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 have debuted some handy and powerful new features, like Widgets on the iPhone and the ability to change your default email app and browser. Though Scribble may top Apple's list as one of the coolest new features for iPadOS 14, it's a particular use-case that appears to be limited in many ways. »

Answers to Your Calm Inbox Questions

One of the questions that has come up during launch week has been around how the Calm Inbox approach can also help with the other inboxes in your life, so we put together a short list of answers to your most common questions. »

A Review of the Artifact Uprising Photo Printing Service

As summer draws ever nearer to a close, it comes high time to review a bunch of the photos you shot over the summer. Whether you choose to edit, share, or publish the photos will be up to you, but I often find myself printing off my favorites each September, and I've been very pleased with how Artifact Uprising makes the intangible tangible on each print run. »

Two Weeks with the iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 Public Betas

Each year, the tech experts advise all bleeding edge iPhone and iPad users to stay away from beta software. Developer betas — especially iOS 13 — were particularly buggy, and the iOS 13 public beta wasn't notably better. Of all years to put a bad beta taste in your mouth, 2019 should have done the trick. »

The iPadification of macOS: What Does it Mean for Developers of Productivity Software?

Last week, Apple announced a ton of stuff during their Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). And even though they used a slide at the beginning that showed the major platforms (iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS), many of the announcements felt app-specific instead of platform-specific. For example, new features in Maps (i.e. cycling directions) are available everywhere. I lost count of the number of times I heard some version of the statement "this is also available on the (fill in the platform blank)." As a causal observer (I'm not a developer), it seems like there's a lot of focus on features being brought first into the Apple ecosystem, then extended to all the available platforms. »

Building My Bullet-Journal-Based Hybrid Productivity System

It's fun for me to find new and better ways to do things - especially if it involves Apple-branded technology. I love trying new apps and making my devices dance. But with everything going on in the world the last couple of months, I've also found it to be especially difficult to navigate emotionally, which is a big reason why I’ve started doing a lot more with pen and paper. »

How I’ve Set up iA Writer After Moving from Ulysses

Once every couple years, I find myself doing a deep clean of the apps on my iPhone and iPad. 2020 drew the short straw — in so many ways — and I've spent the better part of the last three months questioning each app on my home screen. »

Using Day One During Quarantine

Instead of going to Hawaii, we are staying home. My wife and I recently cancelled our 15-year anniversary trip to Hawaii. We’d been planning and saving for this trip since our 10-year anniversary. Alas, with the current state of the planet, we knew we’d have to cancel it, but we were putting it off. I […] »

Fun and Useful Apps (and more) for Working from Home

One of the sad realities of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak is that social distancing is the new normal. Though it pains us to say it, we all have to face the fact that we're in this for the long haul. An interesting side effect of all this is that workforces around the world are now partaking in a “work from home” experiment of unprecedented scale. Millions of people are suddenly finding themselves trying to carve out the space and time to get their work done outside the office, with no friends or coworkers to chat with in person, all while dealing with the everyday distractions of home and making sure the kids — who are also now stuck at home — are fed, schooled, and generally occupied all day. »

Should I Move from Evernote to Notion?

You’ve probably already started the new decade hearing about Notion from somewhere. Whether it was on Product Hunt, your Twitter-sphere, or just people nattering about it at work, Notion is gaining attention all round the web as the new shiny productivity tool in town. With much anticipation, across the last two years, people have flooded […] »

Brand New Course: Manage and Develop Your Ideas

Today, we are finally opening the doors on our brand-new course for idea development. The course — Mastering Mind Maps — is all about how to manage and develop your ideas. And it is fantastic. Get Instant Access Based Your Feedback and Input Many of you may remember last year when we asked about the […] »

How to Use Microsoft To Do as a Cross Platform GTD Solution

As it turns out, Microsoft To Do may end up being the single biggest surprise in our jump to Office 365. Having all your tasks in one place, scattered in from Windows, iOS, iPadOS, and macOS — and being able to nicely integrate your dreaded email list with your task list — could be a game changer for anyone wanting to use a Mac yet required to use a PC. »

Using Prizmo Go In a Long-Term Research Workflow

Prizmo Go is a powerful app that instantly converts pictures of physical book pages into digital text, and combined with a research app like Keep It creates a magical workflow for managing your notes and research. »

How Shahid Ahmad Stays Focused on His Phone

In this Mindfulness Monday post, we talk to video game developer and podcaster Shahid Kamal Ahmad about the steps he takes to stay out of the Infinity Pools and stay focused on what's important. »

The Twelve South StayGo USB-C Hub Review

Like everything else Twelve South has launched in the last few years, their new StayGo USB-C hub finds a way to justify its existence — both in price and in differentiation. »

Start Your Day Automatically with Keyboard Maestro

One of the ways I like to use Keyboard Maestro is to start different parts of my day, such as making sure all of the applications I use every day are started and ready as soon as I get to work. »

Our Review of the Best RSS App for the iPhone and iPad Has Been Updated

With the bevy of RSS app updates over the last few months, it was high time we gave our review of the best RSS app for the iPhone and iPad some polish. Over the last few months, we’ve seen some major updates to all the main competitors in this category: Unread has constantly been refined, […] »

Shawn Blanc’s iPad Blogging Workflow

A detailed look at how Shawn Blanc captures ideas and links and what the process looks like for moving those from the starting line of an idea to the finished product of a published article. »

The Best Apps for Thinkers

We rely on certain apps to get us through the mess and come out the other side with a plan. In today's roundup, we've gathered together eight of our favorite apps for outlining, brainstorming, planning, capturing, and tracking it all. »

Daryl Tan’s Mac and iPhone setup

Daryl Tan works in corporate finance during the day, and enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and writing for his own blog during his free time. »

Josh Ginter’s iOS Setup for 2019

Josh Ginter is the Editor-in-Chief here at The Sweet Setup and also works as an accountant at a small accounting firm and is constantly working away at completing his CPA designation in the evenings. »

Jeffrey Abbott’s Mac Setup

Jeffrey Abbott is the Senior Editor at The Sweet Setup, but works as a project manager by day and contributes to The Pen Addict as well. »

Rose Orchard’s Mac Setup

Rose Orchard is a programmer by day where she creates web-based applications, but she is also a writer and podcaster in her free time. »

A Few of our Favorite Things

We put together a list of some of our favorite gadgets, apps, tools, and toys that we've enjoyed using over the last year. »

Marty Day’s Mac, iOS, and Watch setup

Marty Day is an Integrations Engineer for Partnerize by day, and an on-stage co-host and producer for Super Art Fight, co-host of The Rough House Podcast, and owner of blast-o-rama. »

Big Week

There are quite a bit of exciting things happening over the next week, and in this post we want to try and communicate everything with you. »

What’s In My Day One (2018 Edition)

When we launched this website in the fall of 2013, we had just a handful of app reviews written: weather, calculator, calendar, and a few others. Of those first reviews, there was one in particular that I wanted to write myself: the pick for best journaling app. The pick was — and still is, of […] »

Automations and Workflows for Things on iOS: The Complete Guide

In a significant update to Things 3, Cultured Code has added deep linking features that allow for new levels of automation and workflows for Things on iPhone and iPad. In this guide we will cover all the ways you can use these Things iOS Workflows to your advantage, plus we've got several examples and downloads for you. »

Mike Allan’s iPhone X setup

Mike Allan is a dispatcher at a local trucking company, a videographer, student of life, and constant tinkerer. »

Greg Maass’ Mac and iOS setup

Greg Maass is a software developer, musician, and father living in Seattle, Washington who has developed enterprise software for hospitals and universities for the past twenty years. »

Joan Erwin’s iPad Pro setup

Joan Erwin is the Senior Vice President of Expansion Operations for CleanSlate Centers where she spearheads the expansion of patient care services. »

Productivity Pitfalls

Let's discuss five of the most common pitfalls that will limit your results and cause immense friction and roadblocks to your workflows and systems. »

Questions Answered About Learn Ulysses

We can’t say thank you enough to everyone who has supported our work and helped to spread the word about Learn Ulysses. Here are some answers to a few common questions we’ve been getting over the past few days… »

Behind The Scenes of Learn Ulysses

Learn Ulysses launches in a week. Here are some fun and nerdy details about the work we’re doing behind the scenes to get things ready for you… »

Shawn Blanc’s Ulysses Setup

Ulysses has become the central spot for where I store all my notes, research, and other tidbits of inspiration. It's also where I toss all my writing ideas, and it’s where I actually do all my writing. Here's what it looks like... »

Dan Johnson’s Mac setup

Dan Johnson is a professional architect working in Alberta, Canada, where he also runs a couple of personal blogs in his spare time. »

Bethany Stephens’ Mac and iOS setup

Bethany Stephens is a marketer and writer who lives in Arkansas with her family, and also writes a few of her own websites in her spare time. »

What we published, and links of note

The best app for blocking telemarketers, robo-callers, and spam calls, a reader's Mac and iPhone setup, a tip on adding tasks to Todoist, and more. »

Tiffany White’s Mac and iOS setup

Tiffany White is a student at the University of Pittsburgh where she studies Computer Science by day and works as a freelance developer by night. »

Digitizing and organizing your receipts

Digitizing and organizing your receipts using Scanbot and macOS make it easier to prepare your taxes so you have more time for more important things. »

What we published, and links of note

A new pick for the best simple to-do list app for iOS and macOS, a tip on restoring files to iCloud Drive, a reader's Mac and iOS setup, and more. »

What we published, and links of note

A great list of must-have apps for your new iOS devices, a reader's Mac and iPhone setup, a tip on using Workflow for easy access to your Music playlists, and more. »

Asier G. Morato’s iOS setup

Asier G. Morato is the chief editor of El Imperdible, a lifestyle website from Spain that talks about shopping, culture, travel, and gastronomy. »

Holiday Tech Tips

Some things you should do for your non-techy family and friends this holiday season. »

Andy Young’s Mac and iOS setup

Andy Young runs a site called Country Digest — an educational website that provides information about different countries around the world. »

Paul Westlake’s Mac setup

Paul Westlake lives in Bedfordshire and works as a Solutions Consultant for a digital learning solutions company, and also runs his own photography business. »

Chris Powell’s Mac and iOS setup

Chris Powell is a professional technologist and IT Manager for the College of Business and Economics at Western Washington University, and also spends his time on several freelance endeavors. »

Apps and Gear for Summer (2016 Edition)

Summer’s in full swing here in the US, and whether you're trying to make memories while traveling, enjoying food and drink with loved ones, or even if you just need ways to pass the time, we've got some app and gear suggestions that may help you out. »

Brian Baggett’s Mac and iOS setup

Brian Baggett is a cloud management architect for Sovereign Systems in Norcross, Georgia where he helps companies build hybrid clouds and embrace automation at the enterprise level. »

Paul Williams’ iPad and iPhone setup

Paul Williams is a Manager of Student Administration at the University of South Australia where he manages 6 teams spread over metro and regional South Australia. »

Nicholas Cole-Farrell’s iOS setup

Nicholas Cole-Farrell is the Director of Technology at The Brandeis School of San Francisco, a K-8 independent school in California, USA where his passion is empowering students, teachers, and staff with tools to grow their understanding of the world. »

Kyle Plattner’s Mac and iPhone setup

Kyle Plattner works as a developer with a team in Central Illinois developing an iPad app that maps real-time field data for farmers called FieldView Cab. »

Jeroen Laven’s Mac and iOS setup

Jeroen Laven is a student living in Utrecht where he is working on his masters in Contemporary Art, and he also writes a blog called Visuology. »

Josh Medeski’s Mac and iPhone setup

Josh Medeski is a front-end developer at a small (but successful) start-up in Houston called Medology, is also a freelance writer and speaker, and also has a podcast called One Intentional Life. »

Brandon Green’s Mac and iOS setup

Brandon Green is a product manager by day and a songwriter/producer by night, and lives in mellow (but surprisingly fun) Salem, MA »

Best of Two Dollar Tuesday (Sponsor)

Two Dollar Tuesday presents Mac App Store apps every week for just $1.99 each—at discounts up to 95%. Today is our Best Apps of 2015 promo, featuring our the most popular apps we’ve promoted in 2015. »

Dean Elliott’s iOS setup

Dean Elliott is a former Account Manager who quit his job to tour Southeast Asia with his girlfriend and capture their experiences on his blog. »

The Advantages of a Digital Journal in a Digital Age

There are many advantages to using a digital journal. Not only can it easily store photos, location data, timestamps, and more. It's also always with you (on your iPhone), your information is backed up and secure, and you can quickly search past entries. »

What’s In My Day One?

Because I’ve put so much time and so many words into my Day One over the years, I wanted to share a bit of how and why I use it… »

Bobály Mihály’s Mac and iPhone setup

Bobály Mihály runs a small digital agency (named after his online nickname: JabJab) where they create pay-per-click campaigns and offer digital analytics services to clients. »

Aditya Daniel’s iOS setup

Aditya Daniel is a quality assurance officer at a chemical lab, and also works as a freelance writer. »

The Sweet Setup Back to School Guide

With school starting back up, it's a great time to re-evaluate your setup and tools. Here are some of our favorite apps and devices to power through those long days of class and long nights of homework. »

Guido Osorio’s iPhone setup

Guido Osorio is a writer living in Santiago, Chile where he is pursuing his dream of being a fiction writer. »

Mark El-Wakil’s Mac and iOS setup

Mark is the co-owner of a software company that offers a PHP-based content management system that schedules release of photos and videos, and also converts them between several different formats. »

Chris Brakebill’s Mac and iOS setup

Chris Brakebill is a web and mobile developer who is currently working on an app called Outshape, and also sends the Three Things Weekly newsletter. »

The Best iPhone timers

We put together a list of our favorite timer apps for the iPhone, which range from general timers, coffee timers, and cooking timers. »

Advertise With Us

The best way to promote your product, service, or company directly to our readership and site visitors is through a sponsorship of the site. »

Andy Croll’s Mac and iOS setup

Andy Croll is a designer and Ruby developer based in Brighton, UK currently working remotely as a Senior Engineer at a travel company called HouseTrip. »

Sebastian Green’s sweet setup

Sebastian Green runs a small division of an IT Support company in Manchester (UK) that mainly focuses on web-based systems. »

Christine Chan’s sweet iPhone setup

Christine Chan is a a writer and editor over at AppAdvice.com where she covers reviews and news of iOS and some Mac apps on a daily basis, and also writes her own personal blog. »

Álvaro Serrano’s sweet setup

Álvaro Serrano is the author and publisher of Analog Senses, a website about the human side of technology featuring links and articles on design, photography, Apple, and the tech industry in general. »

Brandon Wentland’s sweet setup

Brandon Wentland runs a 14-person digital marketing agency called Optimal, where they help brands make money online by driving lots of traffic to their sites and converting them into buyers, as well as custom website design and development. »

What we published this week

Our pick for the best Markdown writing app for Mac, a tip on iOS 8 battery usage, a setup, and more. »

Eivind Hjertnes’ sweet iPhone setup

Eivind Hjertnes used to work with software development and IT before going back to school where he studies philosophy at the University of Bergen, writes Hjertnes.me, and street fundraising for Greenpeace. »

What we published this week

The best VPN solution for OS X and iOS, a great tip for launching Flash URLs in Chrome from Safari, a standing setup, and more. »

Sven Fechner’s sweet setup

Sven Fechner is the writer, curator, and internet harlequin behind SimplicityBliss and one of three pilots on the popular German technology podcast Der Übercast. »

Cheers, Editorially. Now what?

Editorially, our favorite editing tool for all the words on The Sweet Setup, is gone, and we're trying to find a replacement. »

What we published this week

A rundown of the current photo management options, a quick tip, a couple of great app updates, and more. »

Jason Snell’s sweet Mac setup

Jason Snell is the editorial director at IDG Consumer, which includes Macworld, PCWorld, TechHive, and Greenbot, and also co-hosts The Incomparable podcast. »

Studio Nels’ sweet setup

Charlie Smith is a record producer, instrumentalist, composer, and arranger who works out of Studio Nels in Seattle. »

Matthew Panzarino’s Sweet Mac Setup

Matthew Panzarino is a Senior Editor at TechCrunch where he writes about a lot of stuff like startups, technology trends, and cool new inventions. But mostly about Apple and Twitter. »

The Dime Tour

Welcome! We're here because we enjoy spending an inordinate amount of time and energy to research, test, and find the very best apps. »

The iPad Setup of Ben Brooks

Ben spends his days listening to people complain, so he likes to complain on his weblog. He's also one of our contributing authors here at The Sweet Setup. »