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A Few of our Favorite New Fantastical Features

One of the things that makes the new Fantastical app so great is that you now have features like Calendar Sets available on all your devices. There’s a big emphasis on parity and bringing all the formerly Mac-only features to all platforms, but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing new for Mac users.

Here are a few of our favorite new Fantastical features that further solidify it as our pick for the best calendar app for Mac, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

Customizable Views

Out of the box, Fantastical gives you a couple of great looking calendar views to choose from: Day, Week, Month, and Year. But on the Mac, you can now customize these to your liking. Want to start your week on a Monday instead of a Sunday? No problem. Or maybe you want to see eight days in your week view. You can do that in Fantastical for the Mac.

Tasks Improvements

Fantastical has integrated with Reminders for a while now, but the new version brings integration with Todoist and Google Tasks as well. While Fantastical likely won’t replace your task manager, it does allow you to see your tasks and your events side-by-side, and it also gives you a great interface for planning when and where you will complete your tasks.

Event Templates

Do you create the same kind of event repeatedly, but with just enough irregularity that you can’t make it a repeating event? If so, you’ll love Fantastical’s new meeting templates. These allow you to take an existing calendar event and copy over information like duration, location, attendees, and more. It makes creating these repeating meetings a breeze, and is also available on iOS.

Proposed Meetings

Scheduling meetings can be a pain. Fortunately, Fantastical gives you some tools to make it hurt a lot less by being able to propose multiple meeting times and providing a slick web interface for your attendees to confirm meeting times. It won’t completely replace scheduling software like WhenWorks or Calendly for a lot of folks, but for those who could never quite justify the added expense of something like a scheduling service, it might just save you a lot of time.

There’s a lot more to love about the new Fantastical. Check out our full review here.