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Tips for iOS, New Year’s resolutions, and more…

Here are a few of the things we’ve been up to on the first full week of 2014. You can also stay up to date by following us on Twitter and RSS.

Quick Tips for your iOS device

If iCloud storage is on your radar, check out our brief overview for managine iCloud storage. While you’re at it, you can also learn how to restore an iOS device to factory settings, learn a few things about Spotlight on iOS, and deck out your device with some of our favorite wallpapers.

Apps to help you keep your resolutions

  • Journaling: Maybe you resolved to journal more frequently or start anew in 2014. If so, we heartily recommend Day One as the best iOS and OS X journaling app out there.

  • Writing in general: If you just want to write more on your phone (and/or iPad) Federico Viticci has you covered with his excellent review of Byword for writing with the iPhone (Byword is a universal app, and the iPad version is fantastic as well).

  • Cooking: One of my personal resolutions is to become a better cook this year. To help me with this goal, I’m using Paprika to keep track of recipes and help me in the kitchen. My wife will be the ultimate judge of whether I’m actually improving, but there isn’t an app for that (yet).

  • Making photos: I’ve talked to several people who want to take more pictures with their phones this year. This is an excellent goal that really pays off when you have some down time to look back over the past year’s memories. We recommend VSCO Cam for editing and Loom for storing and sharing those memories.

Sweet Setup interview with Ben Bajarin

This week, we talked to Ben Bajarin about his iPad setup. Ben is a technology industry analyst and consumer market strategist and uses his iPad for presenting to clients, amongst other things.

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