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The iPhone X review, a new feature in Things, and more

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The iPhone X Review »

The iPhone X Review

If you’re one of those people (like myself) who upgrades their phone every couple of years, the cycle in which Apple recently found themselves might have seemed troubling.

For a while, the annual upgrade cycle seemed to bring at least one major change with every new iPhone.

A year after the original device was released, the iPhone 3G opened the device up to a world of apps. The 3GS brought a major speed increase to the device, but left the design alone.

When the iPhone 4 came out two years later, it put those apps into a new form factor and gave users a beautiful Retina Display. The iPhone 4s brought us Siri, and the iPhone 5 introduced a taller screen, LTE support, and the Lightning connector. The iPhone 5s unveiled Touch ID, and the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus provided the biggest screen size changes ever, along with Apple Pay and a bevy of new features. After that, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus brought some incremental updates to the 6 line. After that, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus brought further incremental updates, like water resistance, at the cost of the headphone jack.

The iPhone X feels like one giant leap.

Apps and services for the holidays »

Holiday tech tips for 2017

The holidays are once again upon us. As is our annual tradition, we like to select a handful of apps and services to help you get through the season with your sanity intact. You might even manage to feel relaxed and productive along the way! (We can dream, right?)

The New “Mail to Things” feature in Things Cloud Sync »

This week, the folks at Cultured Code released an update to Things (iPhone, iPad, and Mac) that allows you to send emails to your inbox.

Shawn wrote about the new feature as well as some nifty things you can do (hint: it involves IFTTT and Zapier) now that Things allows you to email tasks into the app.

How to share workouts tracked with the Apple Watch Activity app »

While the Apple Watch Workout app is a really great app, you might be hesitant to use it to track your workouts if you have a long history with another ecosystem. I’ve been using Runkeeper since 2010, so I don’t want to lose all my stats and past runs.

An update to our pick for the best WordPress client for Mac »

Last week, Red Sweater Software updated widely-loved MarsEdit to version 4.0. Inside MarsEdit 4.0 are a refresh of the app’s design to make it look at home in macOS High Sierra, a new spiffed-up icon, modifications and enhancements to the app’s editor, support for featured images and post formats, and multiple author support.

iMac Pro First Impressions Around the Web (MacStories) »

The iMac Pro was released for sale earlier this week, which means the embargo on early reviews was also lifted. John Voorhees (MacStories) put together a helpful list of early impressions of the latest flagship Mac:

Over the past week, the company provided test hardware to a handful of photographers, videographers, an aerospace engineer, and programmers. Each seems to have been given an iMac Pro with a 10-core 3GHz processor, 128GB memory, 2TB SSD, and the Radeon Pro Vega 64 graphics with 16GB memory. Although no one had time to put the machine through a thorough review, they each put the new iMac through a unique series of tests and real-world tasks to see how it performed.

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