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A Detailed Look at the New iPhone XS Camera, an Update to Our Recipe Manager App Review, and More

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A Few Thoughts on the New iPhone XS Camera »

A Few Thoughts on the New iPhone XS Camera

I recently traded in my iPhone X for the XS, and it feels like a much bigger difference when it comes to the camera, than past steps up, and I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I feel a certain loyalty to iPhone, because it was kind of my first love when I picked up photography, and getting to be part of Apple’s World Gallery was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. On the other, I’m not sure I like some of the camera’s changes, or if I’m just not used to them yet. So, I come into this already wanting to love it, yet I feel a bit conflicted. Maybe it’s that I’m simply already spoiled: iPhone cameras have been excellent for so long that I take it for granted.

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We Updated Our Pick for the Best Recipe Manager for iOS »

We Updated Our Pick for the Best Recipe Manager for iOS)

Our review of the best recipe manager for iOS was getting a little dated, so we jumped back into the research to ensure our review is up to date. Here’s Chris Gonzales concluding on what we already knew:

The best recipe app for iOS, Paprika, is more than just a recipe manager. Paprika makes it easy to plan, save, shop for, cook, and organize all your favorite recipes. In addition to its universal iOS app, Paprika has a great Mac app that syncs with your mobile devices perfectly. Both apps are available on the App Store and, after a huge 3.0 update on both platforms nine months ago, Paprika kept its status as the king of the hill, a position it continues to enjoy to this day.

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  • 1Password uses state-of-the art encryption standards, so in case someone gets ahold of your computer, all that sensitive information stored in your password manager is safe and secure.
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Three Apps We’re Trying This Week: October 22, 2018 »

There are many apps that grace the Mac and iOS App Stores that simply don’t get enough attention or admiration. Sometimes an app is so good at what it does, it becomes the default app for the task and is rarely questioned. Sometimes a new app debuts in a given category and, while it shows promise, doesn’t quite live up to our pick for the best in that category.

There are millions of apps to try out on any given day, and this week we tried out Vellum, Unfold, and Pocket.

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Using CARROT Weather with Shortcuts and Siri »

CARROT Weather, our pick for the best weather app, recently released a lovely update that adds support for Shortcuts, which opens up the ways you can get the weather along with all the personality of your favorite (occasionally homicidal) robot.

First of all, if you haven’t opened the app recently because you’ve been relying on the notifications the app provides, open it up and check the weather. This allows CARROT to make the actions available to Siri.

Next up, head over to the Shortcuts app and create a new Shortcut. Don’t worry, this is just three actions — a shortcut anyone can make.

Tweetbot 5 Gains Dark Mode, Design Tweaks, Auto-Playing Media, and GIPHY Support »

Twitterrific jumped ahead of the curve by offering iPhone XS and XS Max support and a true dark mode right when iOS 12 and the new iPhones launched, so our pick for the best Twitter client for iOS had some catch up to do. This week, Tweetbot for iOS caught up, bringing with it support for as many features as its allowed to have in today’s locked-down Twitter API world.

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(MacStories) Why Shortcuts Matter for Accessibility »

We’ve been enjoying Shortucts and the convenience it provides since iOS 12 came out (and Workflow before that), but Steven Aquino (MacStories) published a piece this week that uncovers another perspective for this productivity app.

While the convenience factor of shortcuts is appreciated, an important aspect to their utility is accessibility. It’s a crucial aspect of the story around shortcuts, because while everyone loves a time-saver or two, these workflows also have the potential to make iPhone and iPad more accessible. In an accessibility context, shortcuts can be lifesavers in terms of reducing cognitive load, excessive swiping and tapping, and other common points of friction often met by disabled users.

MacX MediaTrans Giveaway – the Easiest iTunes Alternative to Transfer Data (Sponsor) »

MacX MediaTrans

A proper data backup is a common necessity when you switch to new iPhone XS or upgrade to iOS 12. Instead of using iTunes, you can perform the data backup & transfer fast and easily with MacX MediaTrans. This iPhone manager offers a one-click solution to backup videos, photos, music, ringtones, iTunes purchases, books, etc. from an old iPhone to computer, and transfer backups from desktop to new iPhone XS.

It’s by far the fastest iPhone data transfer solution. Specifically, it requires only 30 seconds to sync 1000 photos effortlessly, 4–10x faster than other tools on the market. Plus, it has a set of advanced features built-in, e.g., HEIC to JPG converter, video format changer, DRM remover, ringtone maker, music library manager, iPhone encryption, etc.

Now MacX MediaTrans is offered for free in celebration of the arrival of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and iOS 12. Get a license code here.

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