• Cloak

    Cloak is our favorite VPN solution because it's easy to use and automatically connects.
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  • Unread

    Unread offers the best experience for reading RSS feeds on the iPad.
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  • Clear

    Clear offers the best combination of design, ease of use, and flexibility.
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  • Our Favorite Games

    We put together a brief list of our all-time favorite iOS games to share with you, grouped into their respective categories. Enjoy!
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  • Backing up your Mac

    Setting up a reliable backup system for your Mac is surprisingly easy and affordable.
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  • 1Password

    1Password is the the best password manager out there because it not only handles passwords better than anyone, it handles so much more.
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  • The Staff Favorites

    Here is our running list of personal favorite apps on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. These are the apps we, The Sweet Setup staff, use day in and day out for work and play.
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