• MindNode

    MindNode is our favorite mind mapping app because it features an easy, beautiful design, solid syncing, and plenty of import and export options for your workflow.
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  • Overcast

    Overcast is a simple podcast app that makes it easy to recommend, discover, and enjoy your favorite shows.
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  • Backing up your Mac

    Setting up a reliable backup system for your Mac is surprisingly easy and affordable.
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  • Alfred

    Alfred is easy to use OS X launcher that has a free entry point, custom workflows, and a great iOS companion app.
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  • Day One

    For a classy journaling app that works on all your devices, you can't do better than Day One.
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    Day One
  • The Staff Favorites

    Here is our running list of personal favorite apps on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. These are the apps we, The Sweet Setup staff, use day in and day out for work and play.
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