• Darkroom

    We love Darkroom because of its incredible selection of filters and its powerful fine-tune image editing tools for those who want more.
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  • Toggl

    Togglr is the best time-tracking solution for freelancers because it works on multiple platforms, has fair pricing for great features, and sports a great UI.
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  • Banktivity

    Banktivity is our favorite budgeting app because it's easy to use, offers plenty of features and, most importantly, makes managing your finances easy and relatively hassle-free.
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  • Nuzzel

    Nuzzel is the best news aggregation service because it's easy to set up, intuitive in use, and well-designed.
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  • iGIF

    iGIF is the best GIF keyboard because it has a full-featured keyboard, it's fast free free (for the most part), and it's doggone good-looking.
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