• Wunderlist

    Wunderlist is our favorite way to share tasks because of its ubiquity, design, reliability, and sharing features.
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  • Reeder

    Reeder is the best RSS client for Mac OS X because it syncs with lots of third-party services, looks good, and makes it easy to share content with others.
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  • iBank 5

    iBank is our favorite budgeting app because it's easy to use, offers plenty of features and, most importantly, makes managing your finances easy and relatively hassle-free.
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    iBank 5
  • Day One

    For a classy journaling app that works on all your devices, you can't do better than Day One.
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    Day One
  • Our Favorite Games

    We put together a brief list of our all-time favorite iOS games to share with you, grouped into their respective categories. Enjoy!
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  • The Staff Favorites

    Here is our running list of personal favorite apps on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. These are the apps we, The Sweet Setup staff, use day in and day out for work and play.
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