The best location-logging app for iPhone

In 2009 when smartphones were still on the rise in popularity, so were dedicated apps for “checking-in” at locations. This new trend was met with mixed reception, but it ultimately normalized the act of sharing your location. Over time, many apps were acquired or shut down because popular social platforms adopted and integrated these features. […] »

Tiffany White’s Mac and iOS setup

Tiffany White is a student at the University of Pittsburgh where she studies Computer Science by day and works as a freelance developer by night. »

What we published, and links of note

The best WordPress client for macOS, a workflow on digitizing receipts, a reader's Mac and iPhone setup, a tip on using Do Not Disturb, and more. »

How to allow individual contacts to bypass Do Not Disturb in iOS 10

One of the new features of iOS 10 is Emergency Bypass. I am a big huge fan of Do Not Disturb on iOS, and Emergency Bypass makes it that much better. I first heard about this feature from Katie Floyd, and it’s something I immediately activated for a few people. In the Do Not Disturb […] »

Digitizing and organizing your receipts

Digitizing and organizing your receipts using Scanbot and macOS make it easier to prepare your taxes so you have more time for more important things. »

Bodo Tasche’s Mac and iPhone setup

Bodo Tasche is a former CTO from Berlin who is currently working on a project to create a crowd-sourced sign language dictionary, and also hosts a podcast called Bits of Berlin. »