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What we published, and links of note

What we published, and links of note

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Day One updated with new sync option »

Day One iOS

Day One, the best journaling app for Mac and iOS, has released an update to its apps that adds a new syncing option. While it still offers iCloud and Dropbox sync, Day One now offers its own syncing service. You can enable sync in the settings menu of both apps.

Ryan Morton’s Mac and iPhone setup »

Ryan Morton's desk

Ryan Morton is a content writer at Amerisleep.com where he writes most everything that fills the website, and also writes the company blog and his own blog, The Nerd Scribe.

My setup is nearly ideal. I love using the screens I have, but I feel an iPad would be great for getting work done on the go. I’ve been known to get away from my desk and do everything I need to do on my phone. Having an iPad would make that time even more productive.

Want to share your Sweet Setup? »

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Quick Tip: Snooze emails until you launch Mailbox for Mac »

Oftentimes we get emails while on our iOS devices that require us to do something that we can only do, or is just faster, on a Mac. I try to work off iOS as much as possible, but sometimes there are tasks that are better suited for Mac OS X. Mailbox, which is our favorite e-mail app for Mac OS X, has this feature built right in.

Tools and apps for Bike to Work week »

This week was National Bike to Work Week, and there are numerous tools and apps to help you while you’re on two wheels.

As with many things, cycling has been improved over the last several years with a whole suite of apps and hardware. We picked a few of our favorite apps and tools for cycling.

Macworld: The end of OS X: A modest proposal »

Jason Snell, of Six Colors, wrote a thoughtful piece for Macworld on why the days of the “OS X” nomenclature should be retired. He makes several good points, pointing out that it will be awkward to have both OS X and iOS have the same version number.

Mac OS is a name with a proud history that bridged the gap from the latter days of the original Mac operating system through the first decade of OS X. It does what it says on the tin–it’s an operating system that runs the Mac. The phrase “Macs run Mac OS” makes sense. OS X is never going to run anything that’s not a Mac. Let’s embrace it. It’s the Mac OS.

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