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Advertise With Us

The best way to promote your product, service, or company directly to our readership and site visitors is through a sponsorship of the site.

The Sweet Setup serves over 300,000 pageviews in a month (in January we served over 360,000). And we reach a subscribing readership of 12,000 (through our email newsletter, twitter followers, and RSS subscribers).

The overwhelming majority of our readership consists of people with an Apple device. Roughly 25% of site visitors are on an iPhone, 25% are on an iPad, and 33% are on a Mac.

Because we review and recommend the best Mac and iOS apps we have become a resource for people looking to find the best app for their needs. Therefore our readership is, by nature, a group of discerning consumers who are willing to spend money on high-quality products.

To book a sponsorship, or if you have any questions, please email Shawn Blanc.

Sponsorship on The Sweet Setup are exclusive — we only do one per week. And when you book a sponsorship, you get the following:

  • A sponsored blog post at the beginning of the week.
  • A thank-you link in our end-of-week roundup post.
  • Exclusive sponsorship placement within our weekly email newsletter.
  • A one-month run of sidebar banner ads.
  • Two thank you tweets, one at the beginning of the week and one at the end.

Our past sponsors range between software, hardware, and service providers. Including:

  • Curbi: A VPN service providing parents peace of mind
  • Igloo: An responsively-designed intranet that doesn’t suck
  • Tom Bihn: Makers of travel bags, backpacks, and messengers
  • Intensify: a photo editing app for Mac
  • Bellroy: Fantastic, slim wallets

To book a sponsorship, or if you have any questions, please email Shawn Blanc.