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Quick Tip: Snooze emails until you launch Mailbox for Mac

Oftentimes we get emails while on our iOS devices that require us to do something that we can only do, or is just faster, on a Mac. I try to work off iOS as much as possible, but sometimes there are tasks that are better suited for Mac OS X. Mailbox, which is our favorite e-mail app for Mac OS X, has this feature built right in.

While using Mailbox on iOS, bring up the snooze menu. You’ll see an option for Desktop. This will snooze the email until Mailbox on the Mac is launched. When the desktop app checks in, the snoozed email will come right back into your inbox.

Mailbox snooze on iOS

I’d love to see this feature expanded on more where you could snooze emails based on a geo-fence around your home and/work. Until then, this is a pretty great feature.

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