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What we published, and interesting links

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Day One 2.0 is here »

Day One 2.0

Day One, our favorite way to journal with your Apple devices, got a huge update this week.

Day One 2 is a set of new apps for iOS and Mac. Rebuilt from the ground up, the plethora of features that made Day One so great are still present.

Bret Foster’s Mac and iOS setup »


Bret Foster is a Chief Information Officer for a school district in Kentucky where he oversees all technology and communications for the district, and evaluates the physical space in the schools to facilitate collaborative learning opportunities.

Want to share your Sweet Setup? »

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How to import your Day One Classic journal to Day One 2.0 »

We are excited about the launch of Day One 2.0, and it remains the best app for journaling across iOS and the Mac. Day One 2.0 is a completely new app, so many of you will be wanting to migrate your data from Day One Classic over to 2.0. Bradley shows us how to go through this simple process.

How to back up your Day One 2.0 data to another location »

Day One originally supported Dropbox and iCloud sync, and later added a Day One Sync option. With version 2.0, Day One Sync is the only sync option available. To be extra safe, you can still save backups of your journal to other locations, such as Dropbox.

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MacStories: Airmail for iPhone Review »

Airmail, our favorite mail app for OS X, released an iPhone counterpart to their popular email client this week. Like the OS X version, the iPhone version is full of power-user features. Federico Viticci, of MacStories, wrote a comprehensive review of the new app that will help you decide if it might be your next favorite iOS mail client.

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