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The Best Calendar App for iPad, Mindmaps for Business and Personal Life, and More

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The Best Calendar App for iPad »

The Best Calendar App for iPad

Fantastical 3 is the most beautiful calendar app on the iPad and finds a way to use the iPad’s screen real estate in the most intuitive way of any of the contenders listed above. The app has a wide variety of calendaring views to choose from, has natural language parsing for ultra-fast event entering, and has power-user features like proposed event times, templates, 10-day weather forecasting, and more.

Calendars 5 really surprised me during testing. I had purchased Calendars 5 when testing these calendar apps in the pre-iPad Pro days, and I was pleasantly surprised to see my single purchase way back then was still available and being updated today. Calendars 5 provides an effective, utilitarian design and approach to calendaring that some users will flat out prefer to Fantastical. And for me, the extra touch regarding event details is what put Calendars 5 over the top.

Read our full review here.

How to use mind maps when running a business and personal life »

Recently, I shared with a couple of friends about the new mind mapping course we just released. And one of them — (Brandon Wentland, who also has previously shared his sweet setup here) — started telling me about the ways he uses mind maps to run his digital marketing agency.

Mind maps are the sort of thing that make a lot more sense when you see them in action.

So I asked Brandon if he’d be willing to walk me through the different maps he uses.

If you want to up your idea development game, check out our new mind mapping course.

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Sensei: An All-in-One Mac Maintenance Dashboard »

Sensei: An All-in-One Mac Maintenance Dashboard

Released in early December, Sensei is a perfect example of an app that can simplify your workflows by bringing together key aspects of multiple other utilities.

It integrates the system monitoring intelligence of iStat Menus, the disk space and uninstaller capabilities of CleanMyMac, and a disk utility module that can analyze your drive’s health and perform benchmarks to evaluate read/write speeds.

(Six Colors) Drying out a moldy bedroom — a HomeKit adventure »

I’m always interested in reading about cool things that people have done with HomeKit to solve unique problems. Jason Snell (Six Colors) wrote a detailed and highly interesting story about how he’s using HomeKit to solve a moisture problem in his house. I won’t spoil any details, but this is a fantastic read for anyone interested in home automation.

(MacStories) Developer Crunchy Bagel Releases a Mac Catalyst Version of Streaks »

We’ve been fans of Streaks for a while — it’s even our favorite app for tracking habits — and we were pretty excited to see that Crunchy Bagel released a new Mac version of Streaks this week.

John Voorhees (of MacStories) provides a lot of detail and insight into this new version of the app.