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Bear 1.5 brings new themes, custom TagCons, special searches, and more »

Bear 1.5 brings new themes, custom TagCons, special searches, and more

Earlier this week, Shiny Frog released version 1.5 of Bear — the best note-taking app for iPhone and iPad — and it’s full of great new features. I’ve used Bear extensively for research, thought organization, and everything in between, but there have been a few hiccups from day one that I’ve stomached ever since. The biggest of those has been the lack of a note archive — a place for all your notes to go once you’re done with them (because putting them in the trash brings a rush of finality I don’t prefer to deal with).

That note archive and a wealth of other improvements have been introduced today in Bear 1.5 for iPhone, iPad, and the Mac.

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We updated our pick for the best RSS app for iPhone and iPad »

We updated our pick for the best RSS app for iPhone and iPad

Where many folks once consumed and gathered their interesting links through Twitter or Facebook, we now see many folks venturing back into their RSS queues to more directly control the types of content they’re reading.

It was only appropriate to jump back into our review and update our pick for the best RSS app for iPhone and iPad. Our pick hasn’t changed, mind you — Unread is still our pick for the best RSS app for iPhone and iPad for most people. Its beautiful interface, best-in-class reading experience, and unique gesture-based navigation system make it the easiest app to recommend to RSS users for daily usage. Unread was previously our pick for the iPad only, but our update introduces Unread as the pick for the iPhone as well.

A roundup of great podcast hardware »

If you are looking to start a podcast, or upgrade your current podcasting hardware, the array of options on the market can be overwhelming.

This article isn’t meant to be a comprehensive review of every piece of audio gear you could purchase, but is rather a collection of recommendations based on where you may be.

Opinions about audio equipment are like belly buttons — everyone has them, but in my experience, this collection of equipment should serve you well, no matter the price point.

Overcast version 4.2 released last week »

Overcast, our favorite podcast client for iOS, was recently updated to version 4.2. Marco Arment detailed all the new changes on his site.

The big update here is all about privacy. GDPR goes into effect in late May, so a lot of app developers are making changes to become compliant in Europe.

How to use Alfred’s text snippet functionality »

I’ve been a fan of TextExpander for a really long time, as it’s one of the original apps I bought when I got my first Mac. In recent years, it’s moved to a subscription model which can turn away light users. If you have basic needs (simple text expansion), you might be able to replace TextExpander with Alfred to accomplish the same purpose.

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