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A Roundup of Voice Memo Apps, DEVONThink for PDF Management, and More

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Voice Memo Apps: A Roundup and Overview of the Best »

Voice Memo Apps: A Roundup and Overview of the Best

Capturing notes and ideas when you have them is important so that they don’t fall through the cracks, but sometimes having to type out your note takes too long. You need something quick — a way to just offload what is currently on your mind so you can focus on what’s in front of you. Voice memos are great for this, allowing you to speak your thoughts faster than you could ever type them.

But which app do you use?

In this roundup, we share some of our experiences with several popular voice memo apps and the workflows where they fit best.

Using DEVONThink for Managing and Annotating PDFs »

Using DEVONThink for Managing and Annotating PDFs

Back in December, I outlined how I studied course material for a major exam using Craft Notes. There were many positives, a couple negatives, and a whole bunch of naivety at that time. I needed to find a different solution in a short period of time in early January, and I settled on DEVONThink.

DEVONThink has been a widely-used, widely-loved, and long-heralded file management app for as long as I can remember. And for the longest time, I always felt DEVONThink’s features outpaced my needs by an order of magnitude.

While I still think DEVONThink’s power outpaces my needs, the app has worked exceedingly well for storing all sorts of information, quickly unearthing that information, and finding connections between files I never knew existed.

I’ve been especially impressed with how DEVONThink handles PDFs — doubly so considering it’s not a “PDF app” at all. Here’s how I’ve been using DEVONThink on the Mac and on the iPad (but mostly on the iPad) in the last five months of heavy, heavy study.

Get Up and Running With Obsidian in Just 2 Hours (TSS Workshop) »

Get Up and Running With Obsidian in Just 2 Hours (TSS Workshop)

Ever feel like the notes and ideas you capture are going in one ear and out the other?

If so, you’re not alone.

Are you frequently starting over with your ideas and creative work?

If so, then you need a better system for your creative output. (And, to be candid, you may also need a better app that supports your new approach.)

Zero to Obsidian

This is the most in-depth, focused, and ambitious workshop we’ve ever done, and it’s happening on June 2.

We have one, ambitious goal: To get you up and running with Obsidian in just 2 hours.

(You can read the full workshop agenda here.)


Bonus: everyone who registers for the workshop will also get upgraded for free to our new, in-depth Obsidian course that is coming out in July. ($149 value)

Cardhop 2.0: Relate to your Contacts »

Cardhop 2.0: Relate to your Contacts

Cardhop has been my preferred contacts app since it came out. There’s nothing wrong with the native contacts app on iOS or macOS per se, it’s just not that great. Adding and updating contacts requires lots of clicks or taps, and it never felt like a good place to start trying to contact someone. This is something I often need to do because if I don’t have an email address for someone there’s no point trying to write them an email, and if the place is closed there’s no point trying to call them!

Cardhop 2.0 was released earlier this week, and while it looks a bit different at first glance, not a lot has changed (which is actually good because it means I don’t need to significantly change my workflows). Under the hood, there are some impressive changes that make the app even much more useful, while still keeping it simple and easy to use.

Daily Writing with The Note »

Daily Writing with The Note

When I sit down at my desk in the morning, it’s time to write.

I’ve had this writing habit for more than a decade. It has certainly taken various forms, locations, and devices over the years. (Last year, when quarantine life kicked in, I began a 6am iPad writing habit.)

Sometimes I’m in my office, writing with my ultra-clicky keyboard.

Sometimes, when I’m up earlier than normal, I may work from the kitchen counter for a nice change of pace.

Or during the warmer-weather months, I love to sit and write outside.

Two things that have not changed regarding my writing routine (one of which is the fact that there is always hot coffee to the left of my keyboard).

(Tools & Toys) Lux Releases Halide Mark II for iPad »

Lux Releases Halide Mark II for iPad

Whether we Apple nerds want to admit it or not, there is a not-insignificant portion of users out there who use their iPad as a camera. The team at Halide recognize this, and rather than leaving those people in the dust, they’ve launched Halide for iPad, with an all-new, rebuilt-from-scratch UI designed to take advantage of the iPad’s physical dimensions.

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