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Get Up and Running With Obsidian in Just 2 Hours (TSS Workshop)

Ever feel like the notes and ideas you capture are going in one ear and out the other?

If so, you’re not alone.

Recently we have been getting a slew of emails from readers recently regarding better note taking, writing, and idea management (and the apps that put idea management on steroids).

One person shared with us about how a lot of the content and ideas they come across and capture just end up getting lost in a sea of notes.

Another reader was sharing how difficult it is for them to capture an idea and then turn in into something meaningful later.

Are you frequently starting over with your ideas and creative work?

If so, then you need a better system for your creative output. (And, to be candid, you may also need a better app that supports your new approach.)


  • Which app is best for you?
  • How in the world do you set it up without wasting weeks of fiddling and mistakes?
  • And then, what next…?

Good news!

Obsidian is a newer app that is quickly growing in popularity. (There are a lot of things it does that are amazing and which we think put it ahead of the other apps in this space.)

Obsidian is perfect for helping you connect your notes and deeply organize your ideas.

But… Obsidian has a learning curve.

That’s why, for the past two months, our Executive Editor, Mike Schmitz, has been down in his โ€œfocus caveโ€ preparing for our most ambitious workshop ever…

Zero to Obsidian

This is the most in-depth, focused, and ambitious workshop weโ€™ve ever done.

We have one, ambitious goal: To get you up and running with Obsidian in just 2 hours.

(You can read the full workshop agenda here.)


Bonus: everyone who registers for the workshop will also get upgraded for free to our new, in-depth Obsidian course that is coming out in July. ($149 value)