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A Roundup of Updates to Spark, Capturing Tasks with Things 3, and More

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Spark’s Latest Updates Have Me Ditching Microsoft Outlook for Greener Pastures »

Spark's Latest Updates Have Me Ditching Microsoft Outlook for Greener Pastures

Every email client promises to fix email, but there are few email clients tackling the toughest email problems like Spark. Spark continues to grow in power and feature-set, and is increasingly one of our must-have apps on macOS and iOS.

So much so that we’re revisiting our reviews of the best email apps for iPhone, iPad, and the Mac to ensure Spark is given a new fair shake thanks to its increasingly extensive list of features. Spark is already our pick for the best email app for the Mac, and something tells me it’s going to give Microsoft Outlook a run for its money in our upcoming review update.

We Updated Our Review For the Best App for Using an iPad as an External Display »

We Updated Our Review For the Best App for Using an iPad as an External Display

Despite the increasing power and usability of the iPad, one of the most popular ways to use an iPad is to use it as a second display for your Mac. As the MacBook and MacBook Airs get smaller, and as the iPad Pro (at least seemingly) gets larger and larger, being able to use them in tandem to be more productive on the go is an added bonus.

This is why we think our review of the best app for using an iPad as an external display is one of our most widely read reviews. When our prior pick, DuetDisplay, started to run into software glitches and crashed more often than not, we heard loud and clear that it was time to search for a new app in this category.

As a result, we have two new picks for the best app for using the iPad as an external display. If you’re looking to use your iPad as a wireless display while on the go, Air Display 3 is our new favorite app for the cause. And if you’re looking to use an iPad to navigate around a Mac in a headless configuration, we think the Luna Display hardware option is the best option.

A Guide to Capturing Tasks in Things 3 for iPad and iPhone »

Creating a task in Things is somewhat of a big deal. Right? This is half the point of a to-do list manager: capturing to-do items. (The other half is, of course, helping you to managing those to-do items and making sure you can do the things you want and need.)

In this tutorial we’re going to go through all the different ways you can create tasks in Things 3 for iPhone and iPad.

How to Set Up and Use Hot Corners on macOS »

A great feature of macOS that we don’t discuss often is Hot Corners — the ability to swipe your mouse into a corner and have something happen. For example, your screensaver starts, notification center appears, launchpad shows you a list of apps, etc. This setting is no longer enabled by default, so many people are missing out on this great feature!

Three Apps We’re Trying This Week: April 8, 2019 »

There are many apps that grace the Mac and iOS App Stores that simply don’t get enough attention or admiration. Sometimes an app is so good at what it does, it becomes the default app for the task and is rarely questioned. Sometimes a new app debuts in a given category and, while it shows promise, doesn’t quite live up to our pick for the best in that category.

There are millions of apps to try out on any given day, but this week we’re trying Tabs to Links, Revere, and a Shortcut for Meeting Minutes in Bear and Things.

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