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A Review of the Twelve South BookArc, an In-Depth Look at Drafts for iOS and Mac, and More

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A Review of the Twelve South BookArc »

A Review of the Twelve South BookArc

I’ve reviewed a bunch of Twelve South products over the years, from the company’s iconic BookBook iPhone cases, to the ParcSlope and Curve laptop stands, to the AirSnap and PencilSnap cases for AirPods and Apple Pencil.

But perhaps the most popular and most iconic Twelve South product of all is the BookArc — a simple piece of curved aluminum designed to display your MacBook in all its glory while docked at your desk.

We Updated Our Review For the Best App for Using an iPad as an External Display »

We Updated Our Review For the Best App for Using an iPad as an External Display

Despite the increasing power and usability of the iPad, one of the most popular ways to use an iPad is to use it as a second display for your Mac. As the MacBook and MacBook Airs get smaller, and as the iPad Pro (at least seemingly) gets larger and larger, being able to use them in tandem to be more productive on the go is an added bonus.

This is why we think our review of the best app for using an iPad as an external display is one of our most widely read reviews. When our prior pick, DuetDisplay, started to run into software glitches and crashed more often than not, we heard loud and clear that it was time to search for a new app in this category.

As a result, we have two new picks for the best app for using the iPad as an external display. If you’re looking to use your iPad as a wireless display while on the go, Air Display 3 is our new favorite app for the cause. And if you’re looking to use an iPad to navigate around a Mac in a headless configuration, we think the Luna Display hardware option is the best option.

How I Use Drafts on iPhone, macOS, and Apple Watch »

I have a lot of thoughts, sometimes they’re important, sometimes they’re not. They might be clear, or just a jumble of words with no point yet, however something inside of me wants to write it down. Drafts (for iOS and macOS) has become my app of choice for capturing these — and for much more as well.

Drafts is much more than a quick way to take a quick note and has become the app I go to for all my writing because it’s easy, simple, but still powerful when I need more features. As of the time of writing this, I have 705 documents, drafts, and notes in Drafts. This fluctuates throughout the week as I finish work on items and archive them.

How to Change Date and Time Formatting and Preferences on macOS »

There are many ways to format dates, with slashes, dashes, or even periods, and you can have leading zeros and a 2- or 4-digit year. Everyone has their own preference for date and time formatting, and you can easily change your Mac settings to reflect this!

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