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Using Day One During Quarantine, Writing Without Distractions, and More

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Using Day One During Quarantine »

Using Day One During Quarantine

Over these past few months, I have been giving more attention to my daily habit of writing. Not just my morning writing routine, but also writing in my Day One journal.

There are three things I like about having a journaling habit:

  1. It helps me process through the stuff (in real-time).
  2. It helps me document the good and bad things (so I can remember and re-visit).
  3. It’s a good way to spend some time each day.

Never before have these three things been more prevalent to my life than over the past 60 days of life during Covid. I’ll share some specifics on that in a minute.

The app I’ve been using for this is, of course, Day One.

6AM: Writing Daily Without Distraction (on the iPad Magic Keyboard) »

6AM: Writing Daily Without Distraction (on the iPad Magic Keyboard)

As I shared earlier this week, my family has been self-isolating for more than 60 days now. And living in quarantine has been unexpectedly distracting and stressful.

During the month of March, I’d been noticing that I was struggling with my daily writing time. In fact, I’d been struggling with a lot of work focus. And I knew something needed to change.

Working from home these past few months, I have been noticeably more distracted — doing more busywork — than normal. In fact, had to create a separate task list just for all the “busywork ideas” I’ve been having. It’s a list of the little things I suddenly want to do around my house now that I am just here all day every day.

Work From Home….

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  • Custom Productivity Templates: These are a few of the main PDF templates that you can print out or use on your iPad in order to follow along.
  • How to use Day One, the best journaling app out there: which can help with reducing stress and anxiety, celebrating your wins each day, and keeping a log of what is happening in life right now.

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We’ve Updated Our Review of the Best Photo Editor for iPad »

We’ve Updated Our Review of the Best Photo Editor for iPad

This may amount to being one of our smaller updates on record, but we wanted to give credit where credit is due. Since we published our review of the best photo editor for iPad, each of our favorite apps have received some substantial updates worthy of being included in the review. Some of these new features may even sway potential buyers one way or another.

Deckset Update Allows You to Present to a Window, Perfect for Online Presentations »

How work gets done has changed significantly for many of us in the last couple of months. Millions of office workers have had to make the switch and start working from home, which has introduced a new set of challenges to be overcome. One of these challenges is finding an easy way to do remote presentations via tools like Zoom, Meet, or Teams. Keynote is great for making great-looking presentations, but can be fiddly and doesn’t allow for presenting in a window.

Enter Deckset to the rescue.

PITAKA Air Case for iPhone 11/Pro/Max »

We’ve always had mixed feelings about iPhone cases. You want to protect your expensive investment, of course, but what’s the point of having such a gorgeous, svelte device if you’re going to cover it up with some chunky, heavy thing? The question then becomes, can you keep the phone safe and slim?

Darkroom 4.6 Allows Video Editing Using the Same Powerful Set of Tools »

At the end of April, the Darkroom team rolled out one of the most monumental updates in the app’s history: the ability to edit video as seamlessly as you do images.

Besides showcasing the pace of development enabled by their recent subscription transition, this update is an important one for the iOS ecosystem overall.

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