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The TwelveSouth HoverBar Duo, Apple’s Spring Event, and More

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A Review of the Twelve South HoverBar Duo »

A Review of the Twelve South HoverBar Duo

There are a few moments in Twelve South’s HoverBar Duo marketing video that surely garner a “wow” moment. The video starts out showcasing a multitude of ways you could use Twelve South’s new stand (like shooting a culinary video, recording an aesthetic video, or working at a desk with an iPad at an ergonomic height) and finishes off showcasing how easy it is to swivel, rotate, and maneuver the stand to fit your needs.

Chalk my review up to a “He’s holding it wrong!” scenario, but hindsight doesn’t serve that marketing video particularly well.

I simply can’t replicate the ease highlighted in that video.

Journaling Using Daily Questions in Obsidian »

Journaling Using Daily Questions in Obsidian

I’m a big fan of the mindfulness I gain from journaling, but have been searching for years for the perfect set of prompts that could completely eliminate the friction from my daily journaling workflow. I’ve tried many different prompts (and many different apps) over the years, but have settled on a practice called Daily Questions which has just clicked for me. In this post, I’m going to share how I implement my Daily Questions inside of Obsidian.

Planning Your Day Using Time Blocking (VIDEO) »

This is a video lesson from the Time Blocking module in our Simple Time Management course.

Timeblocking Cheatsheet (PDF) »
Daily planner template (PDF) »

In this video, we’re going to dive in and create a time blocked plan for our day. I’ll walk you through it by planning my day so you can see how we use all the principles we talked about in the last video, then you can try it out for yourself.

Before we begin, you may be wondering what you would want to time block instead of just working off of a todo list. While making lists can be helpful, todo lists have one major shortcoming – they don’t show you when you’re going to complete the task. Which is a problem, because everything that you need to do must be accomplished within the context of time. The time blocked schedule essentially takes the things you have to get done from your todo list and slot them onto your calendar, effectively solving this problem and helping you make the most of the 24 hours in your day.

Brand-New: Simple Time Management course

Our new Simplified Time Management course shows you exactly how to track your time and how to create a time block schedule. And this will help you ensure that you are spending your time on all the best things.


(MacStories) Apple’s April 2021 Event: All the Little Things »

Apple’s Spring event was this past Tuesday, and it was full of exciting announcemets to the existing product lineup, with a couple of interesting new items as well. In case you missed it, Federico Viticci has a fantastic summary of all the announcements that Apple made, as well as some coverage of the smaller things that didn’t make it into the jam-packed keynote.

And if you’d rather watch the keynote for yourself, you can stream it at your convenience.

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