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Shawn Blanc’s Writing Process, Apps and Gear for the Holidays, and More

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Shawn Blanc’s Writing Process: From Idea to Published »

Shawn Blanc’s Writing Process: From Idea to Published

Here’s an inside look at my entire writing process: How I take things from ideawritten draftfinal published article.

It’s one thing to have an amazing tool at your disposal, such as Ulysses, or Obsidian, or, honestly, whatever writing app you want.

But it’s another thing altogether to actually show up and do the work on a regular basis.

What I want to do here is take you behind the scenes of what my writing process looks like, which is more or less the creative work of:

  1. The inspiration
  2. The planning
  3. The doing of the work itself

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Apps and Gear for the Holidays, 2021 Edition »

Apps and Gear for the Holidays, 2021 Edition

It’s that time of year once again when we like to bring you a few of our top app and gear picks to get you through the holiday season in one piece. This handy list has a little bit of everything, whether you’re looking for some neat gift ideas or you’re simply in need of tools/gadgets to get things done.

A Professional’s Approach to the Creativity Flywheel »

A Professional’s Approach to the Creativity Flywheel

Way back in February 2021, I wrote about how I used the iPad to study for the biggest exam of my life. The iPad is the best educational tool in the world, and I had developed a bit of a process over the last 10 years to get as much out of the iPad as possible.

In that piece, I discussed my five stages of learning:

  1. Intake and research
  2. Synthesis and connection
  3. Response formulation
  4. Examination study
  5. Long-term knowledge preservation

My colleague Mike Schmitz here at The Sweet Setup was developing the same sort of thing at the time. Dubbed “The Creativity Flywheel,” Mike discusses the following 5 “Cs” to creativity.

How to Use Live Text on Your Mac in macOS Monterey »

How to Use Live Text on Your Mac in macOS Monterey

Imagine seeing text somewhere in the real world and being able to easily share it digitally. That’s exactly what Live Text allows you to do. Whether it’s a handwritten note, writing on a whiteboard, or a printed sign, Live Text allows you to snap a photo and turn the text into a digital version that can be easily pasted into any application.

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