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How to Use a Calendar, Our Favorite Apps for Working, and More

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Our Favorite Apps for Working From Home »

Our Favorite Apps for Working From Home

We here at The Sweet Setup have been work-from-home types for as long as the site has existed — in many ways, you could say we were ahead of the revolution.

But, after a year of watching everyone else adapt to working from home, there’s still a lot we’ve learned. Our Zoom meetings, for instance, have seen a huge boost in quality thanks to new apps for using actual cameras for capturing Zoom video. Having to beam into a computer located at the office has also seen a boom — there are now many great options for VNC beyond just Screens on the Mac.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention new ways to stay focused and away from distraction — new focus playlists have sprung up, new ANC headphones have rocketed to the top of the shopping cart, and home office ergonomics have become a major priority.

So, despite working from home for the last ten years, our working lives changed considerably over the last year as well.

Here’s a roundup of a few apps, services, playlists, and products we recommend after a year of COVID working-from-home.

How to Use a Calendar »

How to Use a Calendar

In this article, I’m going to share two very important things for how to use your calendar:

  1. Why your task list should be on your calendar
  2. How to get it there by using time blocking

But first, who cares? Why should you, dear reader, care at all about putting your tasks onto your calendar?

For one, this matters because the sweet spot for productivity is when your time is in alignment with the things that truly matter to you. This is a rare place to be, but the more you can get these two to overlap the better.

Timeblocking with TickTick »

Timeblocking with TickTick

In our Timeblocking Course, we showed you how to use our Timeblocking method with both Fantastical and Goodnotes. Today, I’m going to show you how TickTick can be used to execute a great all-in-one timeblocking system.

TickTick is especially suited to timeblocking because it lets you add your tasks directly to a calendar where you can see how much time they’ll take alongside all the other things you have to do in your week.

Let’s get started by building our base timeblocked schedule and then I’ll show you how TickTick can integrate with your task planning.

Managing Apple Devices Is Easier Than Ever (Sponsor) »

Jamf Now

Now, more than ever before, organizations need to put workflows in place to keep employees safe and productive no matter where they are. Jamf Now is your one-stop, ultra-secure, couldn’t-be-easier way to manage your team’s Apple devices from one central platform.

Trusted by over 40,000 organizations, Jamf Now makes device management tasks easy like:

  • Configuring Wi-Fi and email settings
  • Deploying apps and reassigning licenses
  • Securing sensitive company data
  • Enforcing passcodes
  • Remotely wiping and locking lost or stolen devices
  • Empowering users with your own app store through Self Service
  • Automatically updating software with new operating system releases

And it does all of this totally remotely – all within moments, and all of it securely. The best part? There is no IT experience required to get set up!

Create your account today to manage up to 3 devices for free and add more for just $2 per device per month after that.

Our thanks to Jamf Now for sponsoring the site this week!

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