Our favorite text editor for macOS, a tip on using device info in workflows, and more

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The best text editor for macOS »

The best text editor for macOS

Despite some performance misgivings for more intense workloads, Atom’s price, functionality, and approachability when it comes to package management and settings make it our choice for the best text editor for macOS for most people. Backed by GitHub, Atom has a long life ahead, and the open source nature of the project mean that anyone can help make it better.

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Tom Garry’s Mac and iOS setup »

Tom Garry’s Mac and iOS setup

Tom Garry is a primary school Deputy Head and Teaching/Learning Lead based in South London.

Utilizing device details with Workflow »

One way to take advantage of the actions available in Workflow is by using the device details you’re able to gather. Whether you’re on cellular or Wi-Fi, have full battery or are on low power, and what specific network you’re connected to can all have an impact on how you’ll get something done.

Understanding the new iOS HEIF image formats »

One of the new features in iOS 11 was a new image format for the camera. Instead of capturing JPEG/H.264, it now defaults to a new image format called HEIF (or HEVC for video). macOS High Sierra also supports these formats. The significant benefit of this new format is that it takes up half the space of the old format. The challenge is that it’s not supported everywhere just yet, even though it is an open standard.

Darkroom releases version 3.5 »

Darkroom continues to entrench itself as the best photo editor for the iPhone, and we don’t see this pick changing anytime soon. With version 3.5, Darkroom introduces a range of powerful features we’ve never seen in any other photo editor on iOS. As it turns out, Halide integration is one of the smaller features found in version 3.5.

(Six Colors) Apple activates warning for users of 32-bit apps in High Sierra »

On April 12, macOS High Sierra started showing alerts to users whenever they launched an app that was still running on a 32-bit architecture. Apple is moving everything to 64-bit, and this is the first noticeable step in that transition.

Like Jason Snell (Six Colors) points out, this isn’t any reason to panic. If a mission-critical app you use causes this alert to pop up, don’t worry. Developers still have plenty of time to re-architect their application before Apple cuts off functionality for good. But, it is something you should look out for!

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