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Behind the scenes of Learn Ulysses, a reader’s Mac and iOS setup, a tip about one-time passwords, and more

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Behind the scenes of Learn Ulysses »

Behind The Scenes of Learn Ulysses

We’re on the home stretch. Learn Ulysses launches in one week from today.

Everything major for the new course is done, but there are quite a few little things and final details left to wrap up. There always is. But, to be honest, I love the final leg of a project like this. It’s exciting to see all the parts finally coming together into a whole, and we’d like to show you a quick peek behind the scenes.

Aaron Bielert’s Mac, iOS, and Watch setup »

Aaron Bielert’s Mac, iOS, and Watch setup

Aaron Bielert is the founder and Network President of Sparkk TV — an original WebSeries TV network.

Want to share your setup?

We’d love to hear from you. Just fill out this form with some basic information and we’ll be in touch.

How to back up your Photos Library to S3 using Hazel »

In 2017, there are a multitude of ways to back up your photos, but it can feel a little like walking down the toothpaste aisle at the grocery store — there are too many options. For most folks, using iCloud or Google Photos is all you need. But for some people, the idea of trusting big corporations to protect their most precious memories is a stretch. If that’s the case, you have options for automating your own backup solution.

How to generate one-time passwords in 1Password to increase security »

Setting up two-factor authentication on your favorite cloud services is highly recommended. This step gives you another layer of protection against your password being stolen. Even if your password is compromised, two-factor authentication will keep them from gaining access to your accounts.

While each cloud service is different, I am going to show you have to enable a one-time password for Dropbox using 1Password.

Ulysses workflow video (Shawn Blanc) »

Over the past few months as we’ve been working on our new course, Learn Ulysses, I’ve learned a lot about the Ulysses app itself. And most of what I’ve learned has come from seeing how other people use the app.

With that in mind, I thought it’d be fun to record this screencast video showing how I have my Ulysses set up and how I use it on a day-to-day basis.

Timing — the Automatic Mac Time Tracking App (Sponsor) »

Animated screenshot of Timing

Time is your most precious resource. You need to know how you are spending it.
But time tracking sucks. Big Time. (Pun intended.)

The brand new Timing fixes that.
It automatically tracks which apps, documents and websites you use — without start/stop timers.
See how you spend your time, eliminate distracting activities, and improve your client billing.
Timing lets you stop worrying about time and focus on doing your best work instead!
Mind you, this data is super sensitive, so Timing keeps it safe on your Mac.

Download the free 14-day trial today and get 10% off!

Our thanks to Timing for sponsoring the site this week!