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Affirmations App, New MacBook Pro, Curating Your Ideas, and More

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Apps We Love: Affirmations »

Apps We Love: Affirmations

The original inspiration for the Mindfulness category here at The Sweet Setup was to champion a mindful approach to technology. One that highlights uses and workflows for Apple technology hardware and apps that have a net positive impact on our overall health and well-being.

And it’s hard to find an app that fits that description more perfectly than the Affirmations app developed by Justin Hamilton.

Affirmations is a simple app with a singular purpose β€” to provide compliments and reminders to help make self-care a little easier.

Why You Should Be Curating Your Ideas (Video Replay) »

Why You Should Be Curating Your Ideas (Video Replay)

Last week, I presented a paid workshop here on The Sweet Setup called Your Creative Flywheel. In the workshop, I walked through the process that I use for creating (I call it The Creativity Flywheel).

The Creative Flywheel has five steps:

  1. Capture β€” where you make sure you eliminate friction so nothing falls through the cracks.
  2. Curate β€” where you decide what’s worth adding to your collection.
  3. Cultivate β€” where you develop your ideas and see them for what they really are.
  4. Connect β€” where you connect your ideas to others and see how the pieces fit together.
  5. Create β€” where you see the big picture and simply tell the story the connected dots are showing you.

My favorite part is the Curate section, where you decide what’s worth keeping. People are usually surprised when I tell them that 9 out of 10 things I capture never make the cut, but in the workshop I explained why.

Apps We Love: MusicHarbor β€” Get Notified of the New Music You Actually Want »

Apps We Love: MusicHarbor β€” Get Notified of the New Music You Actually Want

Unfortunately, Apple Music is mostly terrible at letting me know about new music from Artists I actually listen to. (Though I do think it may slowly be getting better.)

As such, for years I have simply gotten my new music news from Twitter or when friends tell me about a new album. But there is a lot that I miss.

Enter: MusicHarbor.

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