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Apps We Love: MusicHarbor — Get Notified of the New Music You Actually Want

Unfortunately, Apple Music is mostly terrible at letting me know about new music from Artists I actually listen to. (Though I do think it may slowly be getting better.)

As such, for years I have simply gotten my new music news from Twitter or when friends tell me about a new album. But there is a lot that I miss.

Enter: MusicHarbor.

MusicHarbor iOS app

This is a new-to-me app for finding out about new albums from artists you actually want to follow.

I downloaded MusicHarbor a few months ago, imported all my Apple Music artists, and within the first few minutes I had already discovered a handful of new albums that were already released and I hadn’t even known were out. I also discovered a handful of upcoming albums that I didn’t know about either.

MusicHarbor is free on the App Store, and you can unlock all the bonus features for just a few bucks.