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Why You Should Be Curating Your Ideas (Video Replay)

Last week, I presented a paid workshop here on The Sweet Setup called Your Creative Flywheel. In the workshop, I walked through the process that I use for creating (I call it The Creativity Flywheel):

Creative Flywheel

The Creative Flywheel has five steps:

  1. Capture β€” where you make sure you eliminate friction so nothing falls through the cracks.
  2. Curate β€” where you decide what’s worth adding to your collection.
  3. Cultivate β€” where you develop your ideas and see them for what they really are.
  4. Connect β€” where you connect your ideas to others and see how the pieces fit together.
  5. Create β€” where you see the big picture and simply tell the story the connected dots are showing you.

My favorite part is the Curate section, where you decide what’s worth keeping. People are usually surprised when I tell them that 9 out of 10 things I capture never make the cut, but in the workshop I explained why.

Here’s the video replay of that section of the workshop in case you missed it:

A couple of the other topics we cover in this section:

  • How urgency distorts your ideas and why you want to add intentional friction when transferring your notes and ideas to a more permanent home.
  • Embracing your curator role in the museum of your mind and how it contributes to more and better ideas in the future.
  • The importance of maintaining a high signal-to-noise ratio for your notes and ideas.
  • How to judge your ideas to decide what’s worth making the cut.

There’s obviously a TON more in the full workshop, which covers all five steps of the Creative Flywheel PLUS some bonus tips and a lot more Q&A. The entire workshop was sold for $59, but the full replay is also available inside our comprehensive Obsidian course.