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A Review of the New Smart Battery Case, an Update to Our Favorite Notes App, and More

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A Review of the iPhone XS Max Smart Battery Case »

A Review of the iPhone XS Max Smart Battery Case

Apple recently released the latest Smart Battery Cases for the iPhone XS, XR, and XS Max. They didn’t release them for the last series of iPhones, namely the 8 or the X, possibly because of the Qi charging built in. But for those of us who need extra power on the go and dislike being tethered to a battery pack, a case that can also charge your iPhone is the way to go. This release also marks the first time that the β€œbig iPhones” get a battery case β€” and the first time I could get one!

We Updated Our Review of the Best Note-Taking App for iPhone and iPad »

We Updated Our Review of the Best Note-Taking App for iPhone and iPad

Not to be confused with the best hand-writing note-taking app (which we just published a few weeks ago), our review for the best note-taking app for iPhone and iPad has been updated.

Our pick is still Bear thanks to its great design, handy share extension, and tagging and filtering options, and we think Bear is only set to get better as time goes by. Bear for the web is reportedly on track for sometime this year, and we’re also expecting major updates to the editor as well. We’re excited to see where Bear goes in the near future.

Josh Ginter’s iOS Setup for 2019 »

Josh Ginter is the Editor-in-Chief here at The Sweet Setup and also works as an accountant at a small accounting firm and is constantly working away at completing his CPA designation in the evenings.

How to Customize the Today Screen on macOS »

Did you know that, just like on iOS, macOS has a Today screen? You can access it by clicking on the list icon in the top right of your menu bar and selecting the Today tab. You can add a variety of widgets here β€” both directly from Apple and other third-party apps. Let’s take a look at what you can do to customize this screen.

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