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A Review of the Bellroy Premium Sling, Big App Updates, and More

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Bellroy Premium Sling Review »

Bellroy Premium Sling Review

My daily “commute” usually amounts to crossing my apartment from one room to another.

Hardly a strenuous carry scenario, but perhaps a familiar one for other self-employed folks who have different and unpredictable carry needs as a result of their different and unpredictable schedules.

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Setting Up a Gratitude Journal in Day One »

Setting Up a Gratitude Journal in Day One

There are many physical and emotional benefits of practicing gratitude according to Robert Emmons, professor of Psychology at UC Davis (who many consider the world’s leading expert on gratitude). In his book, Thanks, Emmons says that practicing gratitude can make you up to 25% happier. Keeping a gratitude journal helps change your attitude by shifting your focus from the negative to the positive. Expressing gratitude highlights the things that are going right instead of the things that are going wrong.

Ulysses Version 18 is Out, with Changes for iOS 13 and Dropbox Sync »

Ulysses Version 18 is Out, with Changes for iOS 13 and Dropbox Sync

Ulysses version 18 is out today with support for the new iOS 13 Dark Mode as well as the new system Split View on iPad. This new version is free for existing subscribers, and while it doesn’t add a ton of new headlining features, it contains some very important changes for the future of the app in the post-iOS 13 era.

Darkroom 4.3 Introduces Support for iOS 13 and iPadOS, and Happens to Be a Great App for Editing Ultra-Wide Photos »

As I was testing the latest features to debut in Darkroom 4.3, I put the app to the test with the iPhone 11 Pro’s new ultra-wide camera. The ultra-wide camera’s perspectives have a heavy amount of distortion — especially so when pointed upwards at a subject — and it sent me down a rabbit hole in the midst of my testing.

So, I’ll thank Darkroom 4.3 for sending me down the rabbit hole, even though it wasn’t the app’s array of new features that put me there.

First, those new features.

David Smith’s “Moon++” for Apple Watch »

Developer David Smith has added another great app to his “plus-plus” lineup: It’s called Moon++ and it’s available only for the Apple Watch and the new watchOS 6.

(Marius Masalar) iPhone 11: First Impressions »

Marius Masalar, who published an excellent look at Bellroy’s latest Sling bag this week, wrote some initial impressions of the iPhone 11. While he notes the improvements and impressive points of Apple’s latest phone, he’s also not shy about the areas in which it pales in comparison to the previous generation of iPhone X and XS.

It’s not that there aren’t improvements—it’s definitely a better phone in some ways—but it’s not a unilateral upgrade.

The iPhone 11 is larger, heavier, thicker, and has a worse screen than my X. But it’s also more comfortable to type on, lasts longer, and has a noticeably better camera system.

4K Video Downloader: Download YouTube Videos, Channels, and Playlists in One Click (Sponsor) »

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The Smart Mode feature of the app allows applying preferable settings to all further downloads.

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