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What we published, and some interesting links

Here are the things we published this week, as well as some great link material. You can also stay up-to-date by following us on Twitter and RSS.

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The best calendar app for Mac »

Fantastical hero

Managing your time has long been a part of the knowledge worker’s day, and calendar apps have been around almost as long as email. But while the quantity of available options is high, the number of quality calendar apps is a small handful.

The option that is best suited for you will depend on your needs, but a closer inspection has shown us that, for most people, Fantastical 2 is the best calendar application for OS X users.

Chris Brakebill’s Mac and iPhone setup »

Chris Brakebill's desk

Chris Brakebill is a web and mobile developer who is currently working on an app called Outshape, and also sends the Three Things Weekly newsletter. Chris was recently a developer at ESPN in the fantasy games department where he worked on Fantasy Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey. Since March, he’s decided to take Outshape full-time while looking for other opportunities.

My ideal setup would probably involve adding a Retina iMac and a mythical matching Retina display. I’d put all of that on top of an adjustable desk so I could both stand and sit. I’d love that adjustable desk to be made out of some beautiful reclaimed wood rather than the cheap plastic I have today.

Want to share your Sweet Setup? »

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Quick Tip: Discover the feed address of an iTunes podcast »

We love Overcast for podcast listening, and it also has a great built-in directory. There have been a few times that a new show doesn’t show up in Overcast, but the podcast website only listed the iTunes link instead of the direct link to the feed. Thankfully, iTunes does give you a way to find out the actual feed if you know where to look.

Bradley shows us how to manually discover and add a podcast address from iTunes.

Pushpin updated to version 4.0 »

Things have been relatively quiet on the Pinboard apps for iOS front since we last updated our review (January 2015). Aside from our top pick (Pinner) adding support for Apple Watch, most updates we’ve seen for our favorite Pinboard apps have been for bug fixes and minor feature additions.

This week, that changed with the release of Pushpin 4.0. This version of our previous favorite Pinboard app adds several major features and a slew of smaller ones.

Tools & Toys: The MacBook Review »

The new Macbook

Nate Barham wrote an incredible review on Tools & Toys of Apple’s newest iteration of the MacBook, and it includes some amazing photos. Even if you’re not interested in buying one of these, the review is still worth reading and taking in the scenery.

The MacBook is nothing more than what it claims to be. There are no adornments, no complications. There is only clarity and focus, each piece of the puzzle offering up its best self within the confines of the concept.

On Apple Watch Faces »

Apple Watch is still a fresh new product that we’re all still trying to wrap our minds around, and Stephen Hackett (Editor-in-Chief of The Sweet Setup) has taken a look at all of the watch faces offered by Apple at the moment. Like most things, there’s some room for improvement, which is more than typical for a 1.0 version.

While having so many options is great, many of the faces have frustrating limitations in the ways they can be customized or used.

On a similar note, Shawn Blanc also wrote a few words about his first week with Apple Watch. It might not be a perfect product, but does it help reduce our impulse to pull out our phone too often?

Oh, and he has some excellent advice about color schemes on Apple Watch:

Each morning I change the accent color, usually to match my shirt, because why not?

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