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What we published, and interesting links

Here are the things we published this week, as well as some great link material. You can also stay up-to-date by following us on Twitter and RSS.

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The best Bible app for iOS »

The best Bible app for iOS

Bible apps can come in all shapes and sizes. Some focus on study, others focus on notes, while others focus on a great reading experience. The best Bible app for iOS is The Bible app from YouVersion. It comes with a wealth of translations, great reading plans, audio Bible support, access from almost any device (with note syncing), and it’s frequently updated.

Steve Goslin’s Mac and iOS setup »

Steve Goslin's desk

Steve Goslin is a Solution Delivery Manager at Dynamit, where he works on awesome projects in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Want to share your setup? »

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How to control what apps have access to your data on OS X »

Security and privacy are probably top of mind for most Mac users, and (thankfully) Apple has built in a handy privacy section directly into El Capitan. To find this information, click  → System Preferences → Security & Privacy. In the section on the left, you’ll see several categories. Let’s dig into each of those individually.

iMore: No, Apple Music is not deleting tracks off your hard drive »

There’s been a link circulating this week about how iTunes can apparently delete files from your computer if you cancel your Apple Music subscription. While this isn’t true, it’s hard to battle a negative perception once it takes hold (similar to the old wive’s tale of quitting all your apps). Thankfully, Serenity Caldwell (iMore) wrote a well-crafted piece on how this simply isn’t the case. Pass this link to any of your friends or family who are uneasy after reading that original complaint.

Six Colors: How I podcast »

Last week was about USB interfaces for microphones, but this week Jason Snell (Six Colors) shares a lot of great information about how he records live, in-person podcast episodes. He covers the recording devices, the microphones, the setting, and more. If you’re interested in podcasting and ever find yourself recording a live show, this is paramount.

Leef iBridge – Never Run out of Memory (Sponsor) »


Ever have this happen to you?

Yeah, it sucks. That’s why we made this:

Leef iBridge – the iOS mobile storage solution designed to expand the storage capability of your iPhone & iPad (yes – it’s possible)

So what can you use it for? There are several tips for using your Leef iBridge that you can check out here.

Our thanks to Leef for sponsoring the site this week.