An updated review of Fantastical, ways to improve window management on macOS, and more

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We updated our review of the best calendar app for the iPhone »

We updated our review of the best calendar app for the iPhone

It (almost) goes without being said: Fantastical 2 remains our pick for the best calendar app for the iPhone. Fantastical 2 for iPhone has always been one of our favorite iPhone apps here at The Sweet Setup, thanks to its weekly date ticker, its simple and intuitive design, and its class-defining natural language parsing capabilities.

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Agneev Mukherjee’s Mac and iPhone setup »

Agneev Mukherjee’s Mac and iPhone setup

Agneev Mukherjee is a connoisseur of fantastic Mac and iOS apps, recently graduated from high school, and lives in India.

The Twelve South PencilSnap »

Aside from Apple’s own leather sleeve with a built-in Pencil holder, there’s no good way of toting that Pencil around. Actual, real pencils (you know, the ones with lead in them) can be thrown into a bag, lost, chewed on, stepped on, or snapped in half, and you’re good to go for your next art assignment. But the Apple Pencil? That’s a lot of tech to snap in two at the bottom of your bag.

Enter PencilSnap, one of Twelve South’s newest accessories for the iPad and the Apple Pencil. PencilSnap is designed to keep your Pencil available at all times, while still looking sharp.

Window management for macOS in 2018 »

On a recent run, I was listening to one of my favorite podcasters, Drew Coffman, talk about how iOS is so much more pleasing than macOS when it comes to organizing your workspace.

It wasn’t the focus for the episode, but I couldn’t help but be surprised about how the two hosts described managing applications and windows on an Apple desktop computer. My surprise was not because of the issue itself (we’ve all pressed the green traffic light planning to expand the window and gone full screen, or accidentally minimized an app to the dock), but because Drew and Jon seemed unaware of some of the excellent options available to address this issue.

How to share your entire photo library with Google Photos »

While we prefer iCloud and Apple Photos for photo management, Google Photos does have it beat in one key area: sharing your entire library with someone. This is an area that Apple hasn’t tackled just yet.

If you want to share your entire library with someone (like a spouse/partner), Google makes it easy.

1Password 7 enters beta version with new features »

1Password is one of my most-used apps. I’ve been a 1Password Families subscriber since day one, and I am not sure I’d enjoy using computers much without it. Between passwords, credit card information, and more, I have come to rely on it so much.

Last week, 1Password released the first beta of 1Password 7. So what’s new? Read on to find out.

Scanbot introduces version 7 »

Scanbot, the best scanning app for iOS, was updated to version 7 earlier this week. We’ve been using Scanbot since version 1, and it has been a continual string of ace updates.

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