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Transmit for FTP workflows, seven Ulysses superpowers, paperless automation, and more

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Apps we love: Transmit »

Apps we love: Transmit

FTP clients may not be the most exciting category of macOS apps, but they make up a critical part of many people’s workflows. From web designers to content producers, many rely on them to transfer information to and from remote servers with ease.

The Mac has a long history of good FTP clients, but the one most people probably recognize is Transmit, by Panic.

Graham Hind’s Mac and iOS setup »

Graham Hind’s Mac and iOS setup

Graham Hind works for EP Books, a Christian book publisher based in the UK.

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Seven Ulysses superpowers »

The more you use Ulysses, the better it gets.

And because all your documents are plain text, Ulysses is wildly fast at searching and filtering through everything. It does’t get “database bloat.”

This week, Shawn shares seven (ahem; eleven) superpowers that are packed into Ulysses.

How to automate paperwork with Scanner Pro, Hazel, and IFTTT »

I’ve long used a half-digital approach to managing my paperwork. When David Sparks published Paperless, I bought it eagerly, but only ended up adopting a few of the practices. Overall, I don’t deal with a lot of paper, so the friction has never been enough to make me take the plunge.

As such, my current setup has consisted of scanning receipts or paper mail with the excellent Scanner Pro and manually dealing with the resulting files. I finally decided it was time to get serious, and the linked workflow is what I ended up with.

How to force Twitter.app to use Safari Reader Mode in iOS »

Twitter has launched a new iOS design, and while it’s not the best Twitter app for iOS, it’s probably the most popular among all of Twitter’s users.

I use Twitter to follow a lot of news, so I loved finding this gem in the settings menu. You can now force links to open in Safari Reader Mode. If you’ve never used Safari Reader Mode, you are missing out. A lot of websites are full of full-page ads, pop ups, and other garbage that makes for an unpleasant reading experience. Safari Reader Mode attempts to bring the text forward in a clear window without any sidebar distractions. Enabling this on Twitter makes every day news gathering a better experience.

The new Ulysses subscription pricing model »

Earlier this week, the team at Ulysses announced that their writing app is moving to a subscription pricing model.

Ulysses used to cost $45 and $25 for the Mac and iOS apps respectively. It is now a subscription of $40 per year or $5 per month. Read on to learn about the new subscription options.

Productivity for Power Organizers (Sponsor) »

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