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The Timeular Time Tracker, Our New Time Management Course, and More

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A Review of the Timeular Time Tracker »

A Review of the Timeular Time Tracker

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately testing time tracking apps. In addition to all of the iOS and Mac apps I’ve been playing with, a Bluetooth-connected physical object called Timeular caught my eye.

Timeular is an interesting solution to time tracking that incorporates a physical object to start and stop timers. The Timeular app is free to download from the company’s website, but requires the bluetooth tracker to really get the most out of it.

Speaking of the tracker, it’s beautiful. It’s easy to see why they blew past their original Kickstarter goal of €75,000 (ended up raising €313,637). It looks more like a fun fidget toy than it does a tool for tracking your time, and is exactly the type of thing that I love keeping on my desk.

Brand New Course: Simple Time Management »

Simple Time Management

Remove the mess and stress from organizing your schedule, and get back hours of your life each week.

In our brand new course we’ll help you win the game of time management.

We keep it simple with our 3-step approach for Simplified Time Management:

1: Track It

Have you outgrown your schedule but don’t even realize it? Fret not! We’ll walk you through the step-by-step process for how to track your time so you can assess where you are at right now.

2: Block It

Your to-do list should be on your calendar (something we’ll explain in the course).

And likewise, anything that is important to you should be scheduled — including time for resting, having fun, and being present with your loved ones.

3: Enjoy It

Life is too long for a crappy schedule. The whole point of this is to show you how to build a schedule that you enjoy — and that you can maintain.

When you don’t have Schedule-Value Fit, then life can feel frustrating and stressful. Let us help you get more done in less time, without creating more anxiety for yourself in the process.

Save 20% This Week

The complete course with all the training for both Time Tracking and Time Blocking is on sale this week during launch. Normally $58, you can get it right now for just $45.

BUY NOW ($45)

For a complete list of all the lessons and training, you can learn more about the course right here.

Creating My iOS Time Tracking Dashboard »

This is a video lesson from the new Time Tracking module in our Simple Time Management course. It’s 20% off during launch week.

In this video, I’m going to show you how you can use Timery on iOS to set up a time tracking dashboard using widgets in iOS, which can not only make it easier to start and stop timers, but can also give you some information on how you’re actually spending your time.

So first let’s go into Timery. I’m not going to go through all the specifics of setting up your timers, but you can see that I have a bunch of them here, and these are going to appear in the widgets that we’re about to create. You can set up your own timers and projects and tags however you’d like, but basically what I’ve done is, I’ve set up projects for the different areas and then the tags are based on the different modes that I’m going to be in. And that’s gonna allow me to slice my information a couple of different ways when I set up the dashboard.

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New Review: The Best Time Tracking App »

We’ve been testing time tracking apps for the last several months, and are finally ready to declare a winner. There are a lot of options to consider and lots of different approaches, but Timery is the best time tracking app on any platform because it makes starting and stopping your timers a breeze and supports modern iOS features like Shortcuts and widgets better than any other app we tested.

The widgets in particular are really well done. You can use widgets to store saved timers that let you easily start new timers from your iOS Home Screen (though it does require opening the Timery app to do so), and the Compact Mode allows you to fit more timers to make the most of your Home Screen real estate. You can also view your time tracking data via widgets, with multiple filtering options that let your slice your data any way that you want.

11 iOS Games You Should Be Playing Right Now »

11 iOS Games You Should Be Playing Right Now

From our sister site, Tools & Toys, here’s a curated list of excellent iOS games that you should check out.

As the wackiness that is 2021 seems it will continue unabated, we find that there’s nothing more centering than turning off the outside world and hopping into a good ol’ video game.

We find ourselves turning to gaming on our iPhones and iPads more and more of late instead of powering up a dedicated console, so we thought it’d be fun to assemble a list of the best iOS/iPadOS games we’ve been playing.

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