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New Review: Best Time Tracking App

We’ve been testing time tracking apps for the last several months, and are finally ready to declare a winner. There are a lot of options to consider and lots of different approaches, but Timery is the best time tracking app on any platform because it makes starting and stopping your timers a breeze and supports modern iOS features like Shortcuts and widgets better than any other app we tested.

The widgets in particular are really well done. You can use widgets to store saved timers that let you easily start new timers from your iOS Home Screen (though it does require opening the Timery app to do so), and the Compact Mode allows you to fit more timers to make the most of your Home Screen real estate. You can also view your time tracking data via widgets, with multiple filtering options that let your slice your data any way that you want.

The Shortcuts support is another area where Timery really shines. The number of actions supported by Shortcuts is impressive, and opens a whole world of automation options for automatically starting and stopping your timers.

But if manual time tracking isn’t your thing, Timing is another great option for macOS that gives you more detail than Apple’s built-in Screen Time combined with some the best reporting features we’ve seen. The benefit of Timing is that you don’t have to do anything — it just runs in the background as you use your Mac. You can track time not only against applications, but also for websites or documents — and you can even make rules which automatically classify your data into predetermined categories.

Whether you like the flexibility of manual time tracking or prefer not to think about it at all, there’s a time tracking app for you.

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