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A review of the Twelve South Curve, using Day One as a commonplace book, and more

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Twelve South Curve review »

Apps for new iOS devices

Laptop stands are about a dime a dozen these days. The perennial favorite — or at least my perennial favorite — has always been Rain Design’s mStand, followed closely by Twelve South’s ParcSlope. The mStand has been around forever and still fits right in with Apple’s latest aluminum designs, while the ParcSlope provides just enough height to improve ergonomics while not needing an external keyboard or mouse.

Twelve South’s newest laptop stand — the Curve — takes a stab at Rain Design’s mStand.

Apps for new iOS devices »

Apps for new iOS devices

The Christmas season is a time that many of us unwrap new iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Anytime I get a new device, I always take a look around to see if there are any new apps that can help make my mobile computing life better. Throughout 2017, we constantly looked for the best of the best.

Apps and services for new Macs »

Apps and services for new Macs

If you unboxed a new Mac this year, it’s easier than ever to get started on it. Stephen Hackett walks us through some good first steps to setting up a new Mac.

How to Use Day One as a Commonplace Book, Part III »

As we enjoy the downtime and planning that follows the new year, we come to the end of our series on creating a digital commonplace book using one of our favorite pieces of software. The last step in our setup will involve our paper books; something that may be of use as you dig into the gifts you may have received from your family or friends.

Collecting quotes and thoughts from books (mostly non-fiction, but it applies to both) is one of the key purposes of the commonplace book. While we do so much of our reading online, it would be ideal if our commonplace book is capable of including all our reading. I think we can achieve what we’re looking for with a few tools we’ve often mentioned here on The Sweet Setup.

How to save podcasts from Overcast to MiniCast for Apple Watch playback »

If you want to listen to podcasts on your Apple Watch (when it’s away from your iPhone), you really only have 2 options:

Workouts++ is an awesome app for podcast playback, but it only works while you’re in a workout. This limits playback to times when you are exercising.

Another option is MiniCast. One awesome thing about Minicast is that you don’t have to maintain another subscription list. It works with apps like Overcast to be able to share certain podcast episodes straight to your watch for offline playback away from your iPhone.

ElevationDock 4 Review (MacStories) »

A couple years ago, we wrote about our favorite iPhone docks, and the clear winner was the ElevationDock 3. Just this week, John Voorhees (MacStories) wrote a review of the newest version of this popular iPhone dock: ElevationDock 4.

Read John’s review for a full picture of the newest iteration, but the new dock looks like a great buy if you’re even remotely interested in using a dock with your phone — either at your desk, bedside table, or other convenient places.

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