A review of the Sonos One speaker, a reader’s iPhone X setup, a tip on using Workflow, and more

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A review of the new Sonos One smart speaker »

A review of the new Sonos One

The new Sonos One is an exceptional middle-ground product that strikes a balance between sound quality and convenience that also looks and sounds great.

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Adam Masonโ€™s iPhone X setup »

Adam Masonโ€™s iPhone X setup

Adam Mason is a wedding photographer and storyteller in the Washington DC area, and is also a former Apple retail employee.

How to make a workflow run from both the widget and the share sheet »

Here at The Sweet Setup, we love using Workflow to improve our efficiency and showcase the power of iOS to tackle mundane, repetitive tasks.

How to pin tabs in Safari for quick access »

There are a lot of web apps that I use as much as local applications (Google Drive, for example). Pinning tabs in Safari is a great way to have easy access to common sites that are more easily lost in your bookmarks. Creating them takes just a few seconds.

Day One releases version 2.6 for iOS and Apple Watch »

Day One has been the best journaling app for iPhone, iPad, and the Mac since, well, day one. The latest update to Day One introduces a range of new features to make the app easier and smoother to use, both on iOS and on Apple Watch.

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