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What we published this week

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Dispatch is the best iPhone email app for power users

Robert McGinley Myers tried a dozen different email apps for the iPhone to see if any actually helped him get through his email faster. In the end, he found Dispatch to be the best at culling through messages and extracting what he needs so he can get on with the real work of his life.

The reasons for using Dispatch are compelling. Read the full review here.

Dark Sky update

Dark Sky, our favorite radar app, underwent a large update recently, which now makes it a much more general purpose weather app. Dark Sky is still our pick for best radar app, but it also makes for an excellent general purpose weather app.

Ben Brooks explains the new look and features of the Dark Sky update, as well as some of the draw-backs. Check the Weather should watch its back.

Quick tip: Use Siri to send a reminder to a specific list

If you’ve ever used Siri to create a reminder in your phone, you know that it’s incredibly convenient. But what if you want that reminder to go into a specific list? Well, it’s pretty easy.

Stephen shows us how to instruct Siri to place a reminder in a specific list. Turns out, it’s as simple as saying which list you prefer when Siri asks for confirmation of the reminder. Like Stephen says in the article, this is the whole point of Siri — using your voice to accomplish things.

Sweet Setup interview

This week, your humble narrator (Hi!) shared his Mac setup. My name is Jeffrey Abbott and I’m a corporate-stooge during the day, and work on The Sweet Setup and Draft Evolution at night. I also help out at The Pen Addict, which is nerdy and awesome.

Shawn interviewed me about a year ago on his site. Interestingly, not much has changed, but the initial interview has some more details and commentary on the apps and hardware I use.

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